How The Investors Should Look Up To The Food And Beverages Market?

Thu, 12 November 2020 8:29

We earlier discussed how the idea of ‘Safe food products’ is impacting the packaged food industry. 

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. consumers, businesses and government services will spend $1.62 trillion more on the massive food and beverage businesses than they will on either healthcare or personal insurance.

It is interesting to see which areas are the investors looking forward to in such a huge industry in the near future. 

Beyond Meat has been this year’s standout IPO, and that sums where the investors are aiming at.

Meat alternatives have started a new wave in the food industry but it's just at an early-stage to it.

On the other hand, plant-based, non-dairy alternatives are driving big change.

Vegan food products are bringing out a new range of beverages and plant-based products. Not just for vegetarians or vegans, but even mainstream consumers are now enjoying these delicious and innovative options.

Consumers becoming more educated, emphasizing on healthier choices and raising voice against animal cruelty are the major factors driving growth to the vegan market.

A growing segment of consumers with special dietary needs, are strictly demanding real ingredients and prohibiting lab-created artificial and “natural” flavors at the same intensity. Although, there was a time when artificially flavored food products, particularly beverages completely dominated the market.

On a completely different page to this, CBD is increasingly becoming the talking point among the producers in the US. With cannabis becoming legal in a few of the states, it's getting more and more significance among the food industry. The food products with CBD brings a more than average profit margin, as cannabis food products would be a lucrative luxury in the early stages of the legalization.

Investors eyeing a slice of the food business has plenty of options to look forward to.

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