Messaging is the Future of Market Research, Here’s All You Need to Know

Wed, 24 July 2019 1:51

In the last few years, the most common way that a company received customer feedback was via telephones. Moreover, with the technological advancements, an improved way for communication was invented, an ‘E-mail’.

However, in today’s world, emails have earned a very different reputation. For instance, around 75% of consumers are overwhelmed by email overload. Most of the people go to their inboxes with one main purpose: to delete emails and spam before it takes over. Globally, more than 244 billion emails are sent every day and only 23% of them are read.

People have started to embrace mobile apps and messaging platforms to talk with their family and friends. Moreover, messaging has become a very common way for consumers to interact with companies. The modern messaging apps has increased the popularity of the chat culture as a short burst of communication. The top four messaging platforms are the Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, and WeChat, with these apps interaction happen quickly and are usually fun. They have made it possible for the consumer to chat for a bit, leave and then return back to chat again.

It is essential that the companies employ this trend of messaging in their surveys. For instance, a typical survey consists of long and taxing questions. However, if the benefits of the chat culture are properly utilized, the consumers will gladly respond to the survey as it will engage them in a better survey, and make their experience easier.

Moreover, a company must have the knowledge to use a different tone with different people. For instance, it is important to use the right tone with the younger consumers. According to a survey, the millennials prefer to provide feedback in a way that is more like a conversation rather than a comprehensive list of questions. It is clear that if the company requires authentic feedback, it has to mirror it like a human conversation and to provide the same experience in their engagement activities.

Thus, it is time to rethink research, to re-examine the channels, technologies and the tone to use. It is essential to follow consumers’ lead rather than forcing the old ways on them as the future of the industry depends on it.

It is essential to switch the company techniques according to the ongoing trend. The best brands know that the feedback from thousands of consumers can help them avoid disastrous decisions and find out a billion-dollar idea. Thus, it is important for the company to stay ahead of the curve and to question the status quo and leverage technology to make sure the market research remains relevant in the enterprise.

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