This is Why Online Education is Better Than the Offline Model.

Wed, 31 July 2019 12:04

Isn’t it challenging to enrol in a college? Here’s why online education is your best bid.

The conventional practise of sitting in a class, waiting for the professor to arrive, listening to the lecture and making notes has become outdated in this day and age. Technology has taken over all aspects of life and now it is making inroads in the education landscape. More and more millennials believe that the traditional model of education is a big inconvenience and that the online medium provides them great ease.

In a research conducted by an online preparatory platform on the benefits of live online learning through, online services, telephone, email and personal interactions with over a thousand students preparing for competitive exams and the results are surprising. It suggests that 70 % of the students who are currently using offline modes for the exam are willing to shift to online learning. Access to expert teaching faculty is the prime reason for the shift.

Future of Online Education

With emerging technologies, there is a significant growth in Ed-tech platforms across the globe with a million students registering to use them. This has enhanced the overall learning experience with more interactive learning, and quality education made accessible to students across the country. The key aspects such as access to live classes, the convenience of preparing from home and cost-effective are driving the market growth. According to a survey, 63% of the students prefer live classes over recorded lectures. Moreover, 20% of the total number of students are willing to pay extra for access to live classes.

Here are the reasons why online education business will have a positive impact on the future:

  1. Online education is cheaper

The total cost of online learning is far cheaper than the live classroom teaching. The important factor is that the lessons are automated which terminates the need for live instructions and also visa and travel arrangements are eliminated from the equation. Moreover, a large number of free online courses can be made accessible to the students at a minimal cost.

  1. Unlimited number of students can enrol

There is no limit for enrolment in online education, thus many more students can register for a live class. The teachers will have to incorporate live online lessons as per the curriculum requirements of the student, most of the lessons are automated that allows the students to self-learn. Moreover, the work and hassle of the teacher is reduced.

  1. Online education is flexible

In a live class, the students have to sit until the teacher is finished with the class. With online education, the students can learn at their convenience, they can take breaks and come back to study as per their schedule.

  1. Learning resources are available online

Students can take reference from many other available resources, some of these are free and for some, they will have to pay. Thus they have a vast sea of information available to them during online learning as compared to live classroom learning.

  1. Live teachers are accessible in online systems

Some online systems have the facility of providing a live teacher, which means, students can still learn difficult subjects and be guided by a teacher.  The best thing is that the student and the teacher can operate from any location of the world without the need of a visa or other travel arrangements. Moreover, there are a lot of different online language courses available with a live teacher.


There are certain elements where this system lacks such as courses for mechanical engineering and piloting still cannot be made entirely online. However, with the progress in technology, these flaws will subdue and there will be a vast number of intricate courses made available online in this business in the future.

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