Top 10 CBD Beverage companies in the world

Mon, 20 April 2020 4:06

Calm is powerful. A restless mind makes our day less productive, and our sleep less restorative. Thankfully, CBD is a beautiful park bench for a distracted, stressed-out brain. In several ways, the sudden popularity of CBD has caught the industry by surprise. A few years ago, it was just a chemical found in marijuana and hemp, not even the part of the “getting high” club.

Now, CBD based food and beverage products have become a noteworthy growth industry. Health-conscious individuals are ditching soda and switching to healthier beverages like kombucha and other CBD-based drinks. These beverages are known for their anti-inflammatory and probiotic properties and attract a large number of the millennial population.

The process of making a CBD-based beverage depends on the process of making the product itself. Tea and coffee are brewed, and water is filtered and treated as required- and then infused with controlled amounts of CBD. Because CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, it does not induce the “high,” which is generally associated with marijuana use. Instead, it provides marijuana’s wellness benefits minus the mind-altering effects.

According to statistical reports studied by Straits Research, the U.S. sales of CBD products is expected to reach USD 20 billion by 2024, with a compound annual growth at the rate of 49 percent. We have compiled a list of new and old beverage companies who are trying their luck in the CBD-based beverage market. From CBD sparkling water to CBD sodas, these drinks offer varied amounts of Cannabidiol, but each of them claims to leave you relaxed and refreshed.

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Here is a list of the top
10 CBD beverage companies :

1. Alkaline88, LLC:

Alkaline88, LLC
Alkaline Water Company Inc is a premium bottled alkaline drinking water company that sells its products under the brand name Alkaline88. The company recently announced its entry in the CBD-based beverage market with a new daughter company “A88 Infused Products”. The product portfolio includes a wide range of topical CBD-infused products like flavored water, balms, salves, essential oils, and lotions made with lab-tested, genuine CBD.

The company views the entire CBD market as a tremendous opportunity to expand the product portfolio within the health and wellness space. With the launch of A88 CBD-infused water, the company plans on growing its national footprint consisting of convenience stores, supermarkets, drug stores, and retailers, seizing the opportunities and advantage of this significantly growing market trend.

2. Rocky Mountain High Brands:

Rocky Mountain High Brands
Rocky Mountain High Brands is a lifestyle brand management company that markets “good for you” products to health-conscious consumers. The company is a family of brands positioned to disrupt the hemp and CBD industry as it specializes in developing, marketing, and manufacturing hemp and CBD-infused products, including skincare, beverages, fitness, food, and more.

The company is a proud owner of its brand HEMPd, which currently consists of hemp-oil infused nutraceuticals and a line of CBD-infused beverages. Their hemp-infused energy drinks come in four flavors, Mango Energy, Black Tea, Citrus Energy, and Lemonade Energy, created for health-minded people with an active lifestyle.

3. Phivida:

PhividaPhividia is a functional food and beverage company that specializes in providing whole plant-based nutrition as the best way to improve overall health and mindfulness. The brand’s mission is to reduce the world’s increasing dependence on pharmaceuticals and to offer healthy supplement choices to promote cleaner and greener well-being.

Phividia’s Oki CBD-infused flavored water and ice-teas act as a perfect drink to unwind with after a hectic day. The Oki CBD waters work to refresh, rejuvenate, and renew. The product contains 20mg of CBD extract per bottle so that it is directly absorbed in the bloodstream, providing calming and relaxing effects. The customers can choose from a wide variety of flavors as well, depending on their mood and cravings.

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4. Cannara Biotech, Inc:

Cannara Biotech, Inc.
The indoor-cannabis facility Cannara Biotech Inc. aims to build value for its customers by creating an infrastructure to deliver quality CBD-based products for the Canadian and international markets. The multipurpose facility produces Canada’s favorite CBD-based products. Additionally, Cannara Biotech undertakes R&D through Canada’s top universities to provide clinical data that supports the credibility of Cannara products.

In 2019, the company announced its entry into the CBD-infused beverage market, in collaboration with a leading Quebec microbrewery. The consumers will be able to buy a variety of CBD-based beverages, including ciders, kombucha, non-alcoholic beer, and flavored water.

5. Kickback:

KickbackBack in 2016, Kickback was another health-conscious CBD company dedicated towards manufacturing organic, high-quality CBD-based products that promote wellness, stress relief, and soothing effects. Kickback started by introducing CBD-infused coffee to the world. Today, the company has expanded its product portfolio to a full line of teas, dry coffee, lemonades, and tinctures.

Kickback’s latest product is a line of low calorie, low sugar CBD-based lemonades. The fun new line features three flavors, including Strawberry Sunshine, Lemony Lemon, and Mellow Mango. Kickback claims to realize a need for CBD-based beverages that promote not only wellness, stress relief, and enjoyment but also an enjoyable taste.

6. HEXO Corp:

HEXO Corp.
Formerly known as the Hydropothecary Corporation, HEXO Corp. is an award-winning cannabis company that manufactures a wide variety of products to the global cannabis market. Being Canada’s one of the largest licensed cannabis companies, HEXO Corp made headlines with the announcement of a merger with Molson Coors Canada, a subsidiary of Molson Coors Brewing Co. The companies joined hands to come up with a range of non-alcoholic, CBD-based beverages under the brand name Truss.

Truss’s CBD-based drink Flow Glow hit the market in October 2019. It is available in two flavors, Goji and Grapefruit and Raspberry and Lemon, including 100 percent natural spring water, whole grape extract, organic ingredients, and natural blue agave, with 10mgs of CBD.

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7. CannTrust Holdings Inc:

CannTrust Holdings Inc.
CannTrust Holdings Inc is a Canada-based federally regulated licensed producer of medical and recreational marijuana. The company forecasts that it will be able to produce approximately 100,000 kgs of marijuana year following their greenhouse expansion. As a regular supplier of Canadian medical marijuana since 2014, CannTrust is a well-known name amongst Canadian health care providers and patients.

In addition to the cultivation operations, the company is focused on developing nanotechnology that enables water-soluble, concentrated, and odorless CBD-infused flavored coolers and sparkling beverages, with 20mgs of CBD per bottle. The product line showcases a variety of designer cannabinoids, beers and ciders, and sports drinks.

8. Youngevity International Inc:

Youngevity International Inc
Youngevity International Inc. is one of the first to launch CBD-based coffee and water. Youngevity International is known for its nutritional coffee and is dedicated to improving lifestyles through vibrant health and flourishing economics. One of the company’s goals is to provide consumers with healthcare solutions that will help them achieve their health and fitness goals. Youngevity offers more than 1000 high-quality, technologically advanced products, including flavored water, skincare, makeup, edibles, coffee, tea, and energy drinks.

9. Recess:


Recess is a millennial-approved, one-year-old New York start-up. Calm, cool, and collected, the brand’s image lives up to its tagline. The CBD-based beverage start-up is ruling the world of social media with its cheerful and colorful campaigns, attracting the millennial population more than usual and making them one of the most loved CBD-based beverage brands. Their mouth-watering flavors include blackberry chai, peach ginger, and pomegranate hibiscus.


10. Sprig:


Sprig’s motto, “Cheers to Happiness,” is all about bringing happiness to the everyday lives of everyday people. Sprig’s drinks claim to help you “smile more.” The company’s marketing campaign is based around creating pure CBD-based beverages that are easy to consume and available to all. Their products contain 20mg CBD and come in exciting flavors, including the citrus original, lemon tea, and melon.



   CBD-Based Beverages Market Size and Forecast To 2026

- CBD-Based Beverages Market Was Valued At $3001 Million In 2018
- CBD-Based Beverages Market Is Expected To Reach $7523 Million
Top Predominant Vendors Of The CBD-Based Beverages Market
- CBD-Infused Beer Is A Booming Market In the USA
- North-America Is Expected To Hold Highest Market Share

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