Top 10 Gunshot Detection System Companies In The Global Market

17 Apr, 2020 | Blogs

Gunshot detection systems are used for detecting shots fired by any weapon, using optical, acoustic, and various other sensors. The system is composed of sensors and microphones, processing units, and a user interfaces display. To achieve full coverage of the area, gunshot detection systems are installed 30 feet above the ground at specially marked locations such as street lights, buildings, poles, etc. These systems are commonly used by law enforcement agencies, military, and security purposes in schools and colleges.

Rising numbers of mass shootings at educational institutions, government offices, hospitals are increasing the demand for gunshot detection systems and surveillance security systems. These systems are used to alert people in the surroundings as well as to inform the authorities about the location of the shooting. Investments in border security are also a growth driver for the gunshot detection systems market, as these systems can be useful in detecting and averting any possible attempts of infiltration, smuggling, and illegal migration. With little modification in the system, it might become possible for the manufacturers to help authorities and forces identify criminals and detect unlawful entry in the absence of gunshots.

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Top 10 players in the global gunshot detection systems market are as follows:

1. Thales Group, France:

Thales Group (pronounced as "Tales") is a French multinational company focused on designing electrical systems that provide services to the aerospace industry, defense, transportation companies, and security markets. Recently, the company signed a contract with General Dynamics Land Systems, UK, for the installation of their latest vehicle-mounted acoustic gunshot detection system.

The new “Acusonic" gunshot detection system accurately senses and reports the direction of incoming enemy fire and gives the vehicle's crew the critical situational awareness to react accordingly to the threat. The system uses Thales's world-class sonar technology, which is known for providing "ears" to submarines and ships around the world.

2. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd:

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. is a key leader that offers various systems like SpotLite, Listening, and SkyLite and other solutions tailored to the demands of its numerous clients. SpotLite offers quick force detection, allowing forces to neutralize the enemy in a short period of time. SkyLite is an imaging system that provides security solutions to all military branches and is configured to perform in harsh weather conditions.

Litening is an IR targeting and navigation pod for fighters that offers high accuracy and precision strike capability and is operational during the day and night. The use of these Litening systems reduces the pilot workload. The system has been utilized in a wide range of fighter aircraft in Israel, the U.S. and German Air Forces.

3. QinetiQ Group, USA:

Qinetiq believed in giving a boost to defense-related technological developments. The company specializes in extensive research and developments, smart manufacturing products, high-quality systems, and weapons primarily made for the defense sector.

Qinetiq works with both governmental and non-governmental organizations in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, and the Middle East. Additionally, the company licenses its technologies to other smaller manufacturers for better defense systems. 

4. Raytheon, USA:

Raytheon is a US-based company headquartered in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. The company uses expert precision across a vast product portfolio of gunshot detection sensors, weapons, and other integrated systems to offer its global customers with cost-effective solutions that span to multiple areas that include air and missile defense sensors, missile defense radars, warning radars, the naval ship operating systems, command control and other advanced technologies.

5. Safety Dynamics, USA

Strategic Safety Dynamics is a certified safety and environmental training and consulting firm. The company provides professional, occupational safety and health management services assisting governmental and non-governmental organizations with local, state, and federal compliance requirements for over 36 years.

6. Rheinmetall ASG, Germany:

The international company is a powerful and successful corporation. As an integrated technology group, the company is a market leader in providing environment-friendly security solutions, mobility, and threat-appropriate security technology. Rheinmetall's defense sector is Europe's top supplier of defense and security technology and an old partner of the armed forces. From vehicles, force protection, and weapon systems to infantry equipment and air defense, from network-enabled warfare capabilities to electronic-optics simulation technology, Rheinmetall’s product portfolio sets global standards for excellence.

7. Tracer Technology Systems Inc:

Tracer Technology Systems’ Shot Tracer gunshot detection sensors are self-contained sensors that connect to existing alarm systems wirelessly over cellular networks. The gunshot detection system sends an instant notification to the emergency services and local law enforcement agencies upon sensing gunshots and explosions.

8. Shooter Detection Systems LLC:

Shooter Detection Systems LLC commercializes lifesaving military technology to protect the public against the rising active mass shooting threats to the world's critical infrastructure, schools, workplaces, and public ventures.

Today, the company is the leading gunshot detection system provider in the United States with over 20,000 systems in the field. SDS LLC's indoor and outdoor systems are trusted by the Department of Defense U.S. and UK government agencies.

9. ELTA Systems, Isreal:

ELTA Systems is a subsidiary of the Israel Aerospace Industries and also one of Israel's top defense electronics companies that specializes in a variety of sectors. The company operates as a designer and manufacturer of defense systems house with a product portfolio that includes electromagnetic sensors like radars, electronic warfare and communication, and other smart defense technologies. The products are designed to be used in intelligence, target acquisition, surveillance, homeland security, gunshot detection, fire security, and cyber defense.

10. Information Systems Technologies, Inc:

Information Systems Technologies Inc. is focused on pioneering the commercialization of affordable, low-power detection sensor networks for locating gunshots, impact sites of explosively formed projectiles, tracking of the ground and unmanned vehicles, traffic monitoring, personal tracking, and other intelligent security systems.

The company has also developed advanced, smart signal processing algorithms for adaptive detection and identification of buried underwater objects for mine countermeasures (MCM) in various environmental conditions using sonar imagery.


 Gunshot Detection System Market Top Companies And Forecast To 2027

- Gunshot Detection System Market To Reach USD 4.3 Billion By 2027
- 2020-2027 at of CAGR A 16.3%
- World's Top
Companies In The Gunshot Detection System Market
- The Market Demand For Gunshot Detection System Is Growing In Europe
- Installation Of Gunshot Detection System As Part Of Smart City Projects

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