Top 7 Alcohol Wipes

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Top Alcohol Wipes

Alcohol Wipes are one of the most commonly used sanitization methods across the world. Typically used for sanitizing medical equipment and healthcare products, alcohol wipes are widely used as general disinfectants in homes and offices. Alcohol wipes are great for maintaining personal hygiene. These wet wipes are easy to use, portable and they are readily available in supermarkets and pharmacies.

Alcohol wipes are used to disinfect and clean surfaces like steel, mirrors, glass, and floors and avoid infection and save household appliances from fungus, dirt, oil, and grease. Heavy-duty alcohol wipes are great at removing grime and dirt from countertops, kitchen platforms, and kitchen cabinets. Skin-friendly wet wipes also help remove dirt and oil from the face and body and are excellent for freshening up on the go.

Various Applications of Alcohol Wipes

Personal Care and Hygiene

Wet wipes are most commonly used to remove makeup and to freshen up when you are on the go. People prefer using wet wipes to remove dirt and oil from their faces as it is much easier to use and doesn't require water and soap. Baby wipes are also available in the market. These wipes are designed to suit the infant's skin and are made up of soft material and are usually scentless.


Alcohol wipes are most primarily used in the healthcare sector to disinfect medical equipment and surfaces since sanitization is paramount. They are generally used in ICUs and operating theatres where sanitization of equipment is required regularly to help contain the spread of infection and bacteria-build up.

Industrial Wipes

Industrial-strength alcohol wipes generally use a more durable, heavy-duty fabric, soaked in cleaning agents to remove grime and dirt and the toughest stains from the surface. These wipes are typically used in factories and industrial sites to maintain the equipment and remove dirt and excess oil from tools and surfaces. These wipes are excellent for removing grease, grime, paint coatings, adhesives, poly-foams, and other stains to enhance the tools and equipment's durability.

Pet Care

Wet wipes with cleaning agents like potassium chloride, zinc sulfate, sodium borate, boric acid, etc. are used as dental cleansing pads for cats, dogs, birds, and horses. Some alcohol wipes are also used to clean ticks and dirt stuck in the pets' bodies.

Food and Beverage Industry

Alcohol Wipes are used to disinfect the kitchen counters and cooktops in the food and beverage industry, as it is mandatory to maintain hygiene under specific rules and regulations. They are often a part of sealed cutlery packages offered with meals in airlines, takeaway meal services, restaurants, and office spaces.

1. Cardinal health

Cardinal Health is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and Ohio, USA. A global company integrated into healthcare services and products, Cardinal Health, provides customized solutions for hospitals, pharmacies, healthcare systems, ambulatory surgery centers, clinical laboratories, and physicians worldwide.

The company provides medical products, pharmaceuticals, and cost-effective solutions that improve the supply chain efficiency from hospitals to homes. The company believes in connecting patients, payers, providers, pharmacists, and manufacturers for integrated care coordination and better patient management. Cardinal Health holds the fiat place among the top 25 companies on the Fortune 500 list. With experience of over 100 years, the company has approximately 50,000 employees in 46 countries.

Cardinal Health is more than a business today. Its unrivaled scale and focused approach lead to better solutions. The company's strength spans to four industries, logistics, products, marketing, and healthcare solutions. It welcomes new challenges, anticipates trends, brings support, speed, and mile-high vision to all customers.  

2. Whitminster International

Westminster International is a British manufacturer of dry and wet wipes, supplying a wide range of wiping solutions. The company offers comprehensive private label services and supplies a full range of impregnated wet wipe products for almost every application. The company's manufacturing operation is fully integrated from blending and converting to packing processes and end of the line operations.

Whitminster Health's aim is always to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the business. The company has secured a reputation for supplying high-quality products with a reliable service to their loyal customers. Their professional range of wet wipes include: 

Surface Wipes
Hand Sanitising WipesAlcohol-Free Wipes
Patient Care Wipes
Personal Hygiene Wipes
Electro Fusion Welding Wipes
DIY Wipes
Construction Trade Wipes
Industrial Wipes
Automotive Wipes
Food Service Wipes
Graffiti Wipes
Pillow Pack Wipes
Probe Wipes
Toilet Seat Wipes
Alcohol Wipes

Whitminster is a part of the Techtex Wipes Division and is an independent manufacturer of dry wipes and wet wipes based in Manchester, UK. Whitminster operates from a 75,000 sq. Ft. manufacturing facility employs over 90 staff members and currently supplies the whole UK and exports to mainland Europe. The company sources an extensive range of non-woven fabrics from low-lint hydroentangled material to cotton-based products from leading manufacturers worldwide. 

3. Diamond Wipes

Diamond Wipes International, by partnering with national and regional distributors, distributers branded wet wipes to foodservice providers, restaurant and hospitality staff, janitorial and sanitation suppliers, and healthcare providers. Popular products include America's original microwavable hand wipes, hypoallergenic baby wipes, medical-grade disinfectant wipes, and incontinence care wipes. All these products are freshly made in the USA and shipped from the company's warehouses in California and Ohio.

Some products launched by Diamond Wipes are:-

Cold Moist Wipes




Tender Touch

La Fresh

4. Gama Healthcare Ltd.

Gama Healthcare Ltd. produces high-quality and sustainably manufactured products that are designed to reduce bacterial infections and patient care. The company acts responsibly as a business, manufacturer, and a part of the global IPC community. Every year, over four million people in the UK contract an infection. Improving sanitization and environment hygiene is one of the essential steps one can take to break the chain of such transmission. Gama Healthcare commits to producing high-quality products that reduce pathogens and harmful microorganisms.

The company's suite for dedicated training resources has been developed in collaboration with the UK's leading disease-prevention specialists. The company's educational resources, online training hubs, and sessions are fully customizable and have been designed to teach the best practices to their employees engagingly and interactively.

5. Robinson Healthcare

The company has an established reputation as one of the UK's leading manufacturers of healthcare products, providing healthcare professionals, pharmacists, retailers, and consumers with products they can truly rely on.

Robinson Healthcare was founded in 1839 by John Bradbury Robinson, a retail chemist in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, who decided to set up a business of pillboxes. Sixteen years later, the company diversified and started manufacturing surgical dressing material to meet the enormous demand created by the Crimean War. Robinson Healthcare has more than 180 years of experience of working in partnership with healthcare professionals, pharmacists, consumers, and retailers. The company believes that a consistent and reliable supply of high-quality products is essential to the efficient running of healthcare services, pharmacy, and retail operations.

6. Pal international

Pal International's manufacturing began with the first range of specialist Chef's headwear. The company then began exporting with sales to Europe for the first time. Pal Wear disposables soon began to develop its brand and reputation around hygiene, innovation, and excellent quality.

The company was first established as Pal Wear Disposables, importing paper and linen headwear from the USA and distributing to food chains and outlets around Leicester, including the Brucciani Coffee Shops. Pal’s wet wipes manufacturing began with the acquisition of Fibre Treatments Ltd., and their first food hygiene wipes range was developed for use within kitchens and food factories, building their reputation for innovation in manufacturing. The company also launched its new range of Infection Control Wipes launched into Healthcare Markets around the world under the brand name - Medipal.

Pal International's continued growth created the need for new premises that could take the business ahead and better customer service for their customers all across the world. The company's head office is in Lutterworth and has enabled the development of an industry-leading wipes manufacturing facility. 

7. The Clorox Company

Clorox is one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of consumer and professional products with around 8,100 employees worldwide. In the fiscal year 2017, the company recorded a whopping sale of USD 6 billion. Clorox is a trusted brand that sells household namesake cleaning and bleaching products like Pine-Sol cleaners; Liquid Plumr clog removers; Poett Home care products; Glad Bags wraps and containers; Kingsford charcoal; Hidden Valley sauces and dressings; Brita water-filtration products; Burt's Bees personal care products; Renew Life digestive health supplements. The brand also markets products for professional services like Clorox Healthcare Products and Clorox Brand Commercial Solutions. Around 80% of the company's sales are generated from the brands that hold no.1 and no.2 positions in the market share in this specific category. 

Clorox has a global presence since 1913, and today the comprehensive portfolio comprises a diverse list of products and brands that are sold in more than 100 countries in nearly every part of the world. The company has products that help kill germs and disinfect surfaces at homes, offices, healthcare settings, and even industrial places. Clorox's products clean the toughest messes, make clothes shine brighter, filter water so that it's healthier and better and offer high-quality natural options for personal care, and also manages the kitchen and outdoor trash for a sustainable environment.

How to choose the best-wet wipes?

The choice mainly depends on the type of usage of alcohol wipes. Store brands and generic alcohol wipes are cheaper. Some brands produce wipes that are way too thin to do the job effectively, which means people end up pulling out 2-3 wipes at a time and thus end up wasting them, which takes away the initial savings people expect to make on buying wet wipes in bulk. Some generic brand wipes have a strange, slippery texture that makes it hard to clean surfaces and even skin effectively.

For personal hygiene, among the major brands, the quality of the wipes is generally maintained according to a set standard. These brands have to follow a stringent set of rules and regulations. Some brands offer scented offerings and unscented ones as per the preference of the customer. People with sensitive skin and babies generally prefer Non-scented wipes. Some babies cannot handle the fragrance on their diaper area, and anywhere on the surface, therefore, unscented wipes are a better choice. Among the scented variants, the selection entirely depends on personal preference. Wipes that have a heavy fragrance are off-putting to some customers.

Since wet wipes have become an essential part of a person's personal hygiene routine, some online stores and brick and mortar stores now deliver these wipes at reduced prices to customers' homes. Some brands also offer subscription services, as people use alcohol wipes in bulk and to make the delivery seamless.


The most common type of wet wipes come in plastic boxes with a flip-up lid. The wipes inside pop-up through the lid, so it's easy to grab them without pulling out a string of wipes. Refills are also available for these lid boxes to reduce plastic usage.

Some brands sell their products in flexible plastic bags with a plastic flip-up top. Customers prefer these wipes because they don’t have to bother to refill them and worry about the bulky plastic containers. However, the plastic casing is not exactly good for the environment as they come under the “use-and-throw” category, adding to the daily waste of an average user.

Some types of pop-up alcohol wipes come in a flexible plastic bag that has a rigid flip-up top. It's convenient to purchase these wipes because the consumers don't have to bother with refilling them. They are easy to dispose and users can just  toss the old one out and grab a new container. It's easy to mistake multi-packs of these wipes for the refill packages that go into the plastic boxes. If you are looking for refills, make sure to carefully read the packaging to be sure doesn't come in separate containers within the bag.

Travel packs are also available so that it's easier for the users to carry these wipes around without the fear of leakage and damage. They mostly come in a rigid plastic box with a flip-top to avoid leakage of the alcohol from the wipes and to prevent them from getting dry. Travel wipes also come in plastic bags, usually with a sticker-type opening. They are excellent for traveling as they don't take up a lot of space in the containers. The only disadvantage is that the sticker-type top loses the ability to stick back to the plastic bag, causing leakage and results in dried out wipes.

The surge in the sale of Alcohol Wipes during COVID-19

The pandemic has been around for eight months now, and at this point, researchers and scientists are still learning something new about it. It is known that the virus can survive on surfaces for up to nine days and can survive in the air as well. The virus particles are shed through saliva and fluids coughed up from our lungs. An infected person can easily spread the virus  particles through the air by breathing too closely, coughing, and even singings, leaving the virus on the surfaces.

Undoubtedly, hand washing, and sanitizing are two primary personal hygiene practices that are key to reducing the spread of the virus. Two recent studies have investigated how long the microorganisms can survive on different surfaces. The numbers looked at the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that caused COVID-19. The research found that the survival time varied according to the type of surface and objects. The virus survived longer on steel and plastic, up to nine days, and on the other hand, it just survived a day on paper and cardboard.

To disinfect surfaces at homes, offices, and healthcare facilities, alcohol wipes are an excellent choice. The active ingredient in these alcohol wipes is an antiseptic, usually benzalkonium chloride. These wipes physically remove the germs through the pressure applied while wiping the surface, leaving the surface clean and free from germs, as the germs are attached to the microfibers in the wipes.

Alcohol wipes also leave a layer of antiseptic on the surfaces that kill the germs efficiently. The antiseptic works well on bacteria as well as the viruses that infect animals like mice and dogs. Antiseptics work by distributing the fats present in the pathogen cells. Although the SARS-CoV-2 virus does not contain as many fat cells, the antiseptic can still be used to kill other pathogens and germs that can be attributed to the contraction of the deadly coronavirus.

It is essential to clean surfaces effectively to contain the virus. Hand sanitizers, soaps, and alcohol wipes are the best instruments to keep the surfaces clean and avoid the body from getting infected. All the brands mentioned above are readily available in supermarkets and pharmacies and can do the job efficiently. Scented, non-scented, thick, and thin, any kind of alcohol wipes are suitable for disinfecting. Some brands offer online delivery services and subscriptions so that it is easier for the customers to get access to these wipes if the supermarkets run out of stock.

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