World's Top 10 Brands In The Oral Hygiene In 2022

24 Jun, 2022 | Blogs

The true purpose of good oral care is to keep those pearly whites shining, protecting them from unhealthy plaque buildup, bad breath, cavities, and the worst of all, oral cancer. Failure in taking proper care of teeth results in detrimental effects on both the well-being and our appearance. It is essential to proactively adhere to a strict oral care regimen using the best oral care products available.

In recent years, the oral hygiene market has shown subsequent growth in the personal care and beauty segment. The rising awareness regarding the importance of oral hygiene has given different dental care providers to come up with new and advanced oral hygiene products. The development of such innovative products and the growing demand for aesthetic dentistry is further going to boost the growth of the market.

Technological developments in the coming years will bring a swift uptake in the innovations in these oral hygiene products. Products like electric and battery-powered toothbrushes, better dental floss, fresh breath strips and mints, denture adhesive creams, and chewing gums are rapidly being adopted by both high as well as low-income groups. Also, these innovative products have increased the consumers' interest and awareness towards oral hygiene, thereby effectively raising the demand and driving the oral hygiene market.

Top key players in the oral hygiene market are mentioned below:

1. Colgate Palmolive:

The American multinational company was established in 1923 as a consumer products company. Since then, Colgate has made its mark as the most potent oral hygiene brand across the globe. Aggressive acquisitions with other companies, constant efforts to overtake the competition, and a strong emphasis on building a global presence overseas has made Colgate a household name across nations.

The company's famous product portfolio includes oral care products, home care, personal care, and pet hygiene. Some well-known brands marketed by Colgate-Palmolive are Colgate toothpaste, Fab laundry detergent, Colgate Plax mouthwash, Murphy's oil soap, Palmolive, and Ajax dishwashing liquid and Hill's Prescription Diet pet food.

2. Procter and Gamble:

The Procter and Gamble Company (P&G) showcases a wide variety of consumer products. Being the leading producer of household products in the United States, the company operates in nearly 80 countries and markets more than 300 brands overseas. The company's product portfolio generates total revenue of USD 1 billion every year. The products include Crest Toothpaste, dental floss and toothbrushes, shampoo brands like Head & Shoulders, Wella and Pantene, skincare brand Olay, diaper brand Pampers, and laundry care Ariel, Tide, and Downy.

P&G remains one of the leaders in its markets with aggressive marketing and robust advertising across the world. Extensive market research, product innovations, and brand management help the company produce various products with exceptional quality.

3. Unilever:

Unilever is a food and consumer goods company based in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands, and is run by a single group of directors and operates as a separate corporation. Unilever is the third-largest consumer goods company in the world and produces various branded foods, home care, and personal care products.

One-quarter of the company's revenue is generated through the personal care sector, with brands including Sure deodorants, Caress and Dove soaps, Close-up toothpaste, Metadent, and Pepsodent oral health care products.

4. GlaxoSmithKline plc:

GSK plc’s consumer healthcare section produces popular oral healthcare products such as Aquafresh, Sensodyne, and Maclean's toothpaste. GlaxoSmithKline plc is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical company which got featured in Forbes in 2019. GSK’s other famous products are Horlicks and Boost (chocolate-flavored malt drinks), Riben and Lucoza soft drinks, and other personal care and hygiene products.

5. Johnson & Johnson:

The company’s oral hygiene products were ahead of their time and contributed successfully to the emerging culture of healthcare. Through affordable supplies accompanied by instructions, the company taught America about proper oral hygiene. In 2006, the company launched Listerine, which is the most widely used mouthwash across the world. Their oldest product Zonweiss hit the market a century ago, which taught 70 percent of Americans to brush their teeth twice daily.

6. Fresh LLC, USA:

The company is known for its quality oral care and personal care products such as Dr. Fresh toothpaste, Binaca toothpaste, Firefly, and Reach. The products are sold through mass merchants and retailers. The company is one of the fastest-growing U.S.-based companies with operations in over 35 countries. Innovation in the product portfolio has been a constant growth driver for the company.

Dr. Fresh's smart manufacturing technologies combine with quality equipment have allowed them to offer top-notch, cost-effective oral hygiene products. The company's extensive R&D enhances the products' quality and performance.

7. Dentaid - UK Based Company:

Dentaid is a UK based oral healthcare provider. The company provides free healthcare to vulnerable and homeless people across the world. The company's mobile dental care units visit daycare centers, night shelters, and offers necessary care for people who find it challenging to afford or access dental care. Dentaid has worked in over 70 countries, providing sustainable dental treatments, oral hygiene products, and equipment.

8. Dabur India Ltd:

Dabur is one of the fastest moving FMCG companies in India. The company produces consumer care products in various categories, such as hair care, oral hygiene, health care, home care, skincare, and branded food.

Dabur has made itself popular across the world with its ayurvedic range of oral hygiene products that include 100 percent natural ingredients and medicinal properties. Some of the popular oral hygiene products by Dabur are Dabur Red toothpaste, Meswak, Promise, and Babool.

9. Patanjali Ayurved Limited:

Patanjali Ayurved Limited is known for its natural personal care products. The company has over 5,528 employees and has operations and distribution all over the world. The company has a vast product portfolio, which includes Dantkanti toothpaste, Keshkanti hair oil and shampoo, and the Saundarya skincare range.

Patanjali’s Dant Kanti toothpaste is popular in India for its natural and vegan ingredients. Dantkanti made headlines for providing effecting protection against tooth decay, gum issues, and cavities. The natural ingredients in the toothpaste make it different from its other competitors.

10. Himalaya:

Himalaya's legacy of researching nature forms has become its foundation. The company has pioneered the use of technology and modern sciences to discover practical solutions aiding to the growing consumer demand for natural personal hygiene products. The company is well known for its high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade personal hygiene products and has maintained the promise of purity and quality for ages, making them famous worldwide.

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