World's Top 10 Student Information Systems Software In 2020

03 Apr, 2020 | Blogs

Due to automation and ongoing technological advancements, schools and colleges are using student information systems for a better flow of operations. A higher education student information system stores and tracks the student data required by faculty and staff to manage their university campus operations. Grades, attendance records, admission information, and financial aid information are included in the data tracked by these systems.

Faculty and staff benefit from the system as the paperwork is significantly reduced, and students can access vital information on their own. These systems are typically integrated with a learning management system (LMS) and a classroom management tool that allows the faculty to manage student data efficiently.

According to the reports gathered by Straits Research, in 2018, the top 10 student information system software market accounted for approximately 43 percent of the global education applications market. The market subsequently grew 5.9 percent and reached USD 7.6 billion in education maintenance, license, and subscription revenues.

During the forecast period, the education applications market size is projected to reach USD 8.3 billion by 2023, as compared to USD 7.6 billion in 2018 with a compound annual growth rate of 1.8 percent.

To qualify for the Student Information System (SIS) category, a product must have the following:

  • Monitor relevant student information
  • Streamline communication between staff and faculty members
  • Provide the ability to track students through the admission process
  • Offer a student portal to access grades and attendance
  • Provide logging and reporting facilities
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Here is a list of the top 10 student information system software in 2020:

1. Workday Student:

Workday Student is an end-to-end campus management software that works with workday human capital management, Workday financial management, grants management, and payroll. The software works by uniting the entire campus management under a single system. Ranked as one of the best student management software, Workday combines admissions, recruiting, undergraduate records, and curriculum management.

The software's features include electronic assignments and tests, progress reports for the staff, online payment system integration, attendance tracking, and financial aid management.

2. SalesForce for HigherEd:

SalesForce is a CRM-based software that allows students to record integration throughout their term. With this software, universities can manage staff effectively and ensure the students; success through various channels, including solution sets for recruitment and admissions, data architecture, and the SalesForce Advisor link.

SalesForce is easy to use, allows easy access to tasks and to-do lists, and customization of data for reviewing later. The software also enables institutions to analyze information using the gathered data sets.

3. Pearson Education:

Pearson, a popular name in the education industry, has stepped away from publication and stepped into the software business, for seamless and better education services. The software encourages team-learning within students, along with social issue discussions.

The company also offers an application that could be accessed by students and faculty alike. The app provides graphical content and flipped classroom scheduling, along with helping tutors to create assignments and tasks according to the curriculum. Teachers claim that it's a unique tool for coordinating and teaching, it lessens the workload and helps students improve their grades.

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4. Cerego:

Cerego is a powerful student integration software that is highly applicable in various sectors, including aviation, higher education, health care, corporate organizations, and many other industries. The software integrates learning across a range of topics, helping students to learn faster, build retentive memory, and apply those learnings to real-life scenarios.

Cerego is perfect for institutions that want to focus on deep learning and less time in the classroom, providing students and tutors the accountability and autonomy they desire. Another unique feature is that the teachers can use the software to create courses and help the student visualize the learning process through useful grouping.

5. LabStats:

Labstats is another popular educational software system that offers cloud-based storage for higher institutions to calculate and measure the application of technological tools in computer labs. The software is useful in universities that are specialized in computer and data sciences. It provides information relevant to the data system, curates timely and valuable reports, and help institutions to run large computer labs on campus. Customization is also available in the software.

6. Colleague by Ellucian:

This highly-rated software is known for automating the student registration process. Colleague combines the student and staff portal under one system, which makes recording information on time a bit easier, eliminating the hassle of manual record keeping.

Through Colleague, undergraduates can register for the course quickly, and the staff can gain access to important information about a student without any restriction.

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7. School Time:

The cloud-based software allows both student and faculty to access information about college events, classes, attendance, grades, and announcements. School Time is favored for its user-friendly interface, conceptual design, and high processing of data during the admission process.

Another feature includes financial aid and payment integration. The software allows universities and schools to leverage more than 60 payment gateways to receive payments from students, and data sharing between students and stakeholders is streamlined.

8. Open School:

Open School is a highly functional student administration software that provides institutions with effective student management and well-coordinated staff administration. Its friendly user interface allows universities to adapt quickly as their technology needs change.

9. Sycamore Campus:

The software's functional student portal system, an integrated payment system, and inbuilt support make it one of the most popular student information software systems in the world. It provides a platform for effortless communication between faculty, students, and parents. It is one of the most affordable software, as well.

10. Unit 4:

This unique educational software brings the entire life0cycle of a student into a simple integrated system that streamlines admissions, financial aid, payment portal, billings, and services. Some other features of the software include payments and admission portals, grade submissions, and an information tracking center.

The software provides smooth navigation and an easy user interface. It also helps undergraduate students to register for courses and organize their schedule and classes easily.


 Student Information System Software Market Trends In 2020

- Student Information System Software Market - $7.6 Billion in 2018
- 2020-2026 at of CAGR A 10.3%
Top Companies of the Student Information System Software Market
- No. Of Universities Are Shifting Towards Technological Solutions
- Asia-Pacific Is One Of The Fast Growing Region In The World

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