Advanced Materials - Casestudy 3

22 Jul, 2020 | Case Studies


A leading automotive parts and industrial product manufacturer from Europe desired to expand to the industrial safety space and were interested in assessing the global polymer coated fabrics market. The company sought a detailed analysis of manufacturing technology, cost structure, regulatory landscape, country-level market estimates, and forecast along with YoY, and competitive landscape.


The study was conducted in several phases, which are briefly discussed below.

Exhaustive Secondary Research to Assess Market Trends

The report was initiated with the secondary research to analyze the market dynamics, including drivers, challenges/risks, opportunities, technology advancements, and competitive analysis. Additionally, key players in the market were studied and profiled to understand theexisting polymer coated fabrics market portfolio. Our team also collated information and data regarding technological innovation, manufacturing technologies, and distribution strategies.

Primary Data Collection

To validate the findings and inferences from secondary research, we conducted extensive primary interviews with apanel of industry experts and knowledge brokers.Our team verified the data on market size, future technological trends, manufacturing technologies, and critical competitors through these primary interviews.

Customization: A Separate Section onRegulatory Landscape

The client had requested a thorough analysis of the regulatory landscape of polymer-coated fabrics. Our report included a separate section covering qualitative information on the various standards and regulations regarding safety, environmental, concerns, and waste disposal.

Market Estimations and Forecasts

Our expertise in market engineering approaches— top-down, bottom-up, mixed, and company market share analysis — the market revenue was estimated. A CAGR was factorized considering several growth dynamics, including positive and negative trends, during the assessment period. The section covereda detailed market estimation for all the segments at a country level.


The information and data provided in the report helped the client identify and understand the market trends, growth factors, restraints, and competitive landscape. Ultimately, they decided on a strategy to initiate their project.

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