Medical devices - Casestudy 1

16 Jun, 2020 | Case Studies


An established MedTech player sought to enter the field of medical robotics. The company was looking for potential targets for mergers or acquisitions. For this, it required extensive competitive data of smaller players in the medical robotics field and estimates and forecasts of the company market shares of the smaller playersover the next five years.


To serve the research objective, extensive secondary research was conducted, and a list of the smaller players that have developed surgical robots was identified. Exhaustive research was conducted to understand the company overview, financial performance, strategic initiatives, business strategies, and geographic reach of each of these players. These companies were positioned in a market competition matrix on the basis of the surgical robot being developed, key indications, investments and funding, business strategies, and agreements with other private players to help the client determine the right partner.

Later, historical and existing market competition in the medical robotics industry was tracked based on revenues, key geographies served, years of establishment, and product portfolios. Further, based on a few assumptions, market trends, and their validation through primary interviews, company market shares for the next five years were provided.

In line with the client's research objectives,an industry ecosystem analysis was performed, which helped the client understand the threat of new entrants and market competition and identify the right candidate from the right geography for potential merger, acquisition, or licensing agreements.

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