Medical devices - Casestudy 2

16 Jun, 2020 | Case Studies


One of the small players in the medical devices industry was developing a novel technology in ophthalmology devices, the first if its kind, which had reached the stage II of development. The client was looking for data on the market size and the peak sales that product could reach after its commercialization. The client also wanted a track of any similar technology under development.


A qualitative and quantitative analysis of the device of the client's interest was provided. The quantitative analysis was based on market forecasts after the expected year of commercialization, which, in turn, were based on primary and secondary research,including factors such as the availability of substitutes, lifecycle of substitute products, consumer behavior, product price, disease epidemiology, and treatment penetration.

A qualitative market overview of the potential novel technology in terms of pipeline analysis and products in development was provided. Moreover, to provide insights on clinical research, we covered a detailed analysis of various similar technologies under development in terms of technology platform and stage of clinical development. In addition, market competitiveness was determined based on the company profiles, with a comprehensive analysis of company overview and product portfolio, among others. Our market study helped the client understand the potential adoption of its product, among the other treatment alternatives.

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