Specialty Chemicals - Case Study 4

July 23, 2020 | case-studies


The client, an investor, sought to invest in a manufacturer of construction chemicals and, thus, wanted insights into the prospects of the market.


The report was prepared by considering various end-users and the potential of disruption in the supply chain due to changes in international trade dynamics.

Preliminary Secondary Research

In initial secondary research, we gained a basic understanding of the market by studying technical journals, identifying key players, and tracking the changes taking place in the construction market. It also involved identifying key industry experts to lay a foundation for the next phase of the report, which included primary research.

Primary Research

After identifying market experts, a questionnaire was prepared for primary interviews, which was framed to validate our initial findings from secondary research. In addition to validation, primary interviews helped us discover the trends affecting market growth and understand the nuances of technical specifications changing consumer behavior.

Preparing and Explaining the Report

Based on our research, which was a combination of primary and secondary research, we were able to estimate and forecast numbers. We also covered the qualitative part by explaining the various segments and micro and macro-economic factors affecting the market. Consumer behavior and the international economy were pegged to be among the primary factors affecting the demand patterns of the end-users of construction chemicals.


The investor was in a better position after reviewing the regulatory policies explained in the report. Apart from this, they gained a better understanding of the market position of their competitors. Further, the analysis of macro and microeconomic factors in the report helped the company adopt suitable entry and exit strategies.

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