Construction Sector to Lead Growth in Europe Flame Retardant EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) Market for Wire & Cable Application

Fri, 20 September 2019 3:56

Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) is a copolymer available with varied contents of vinyl acetate (VA). It is extensively used in several end use sectors including energy and power and packaging for manufacturing wires and cables due to its exceptional mechanical and physical properties including elasticity and thermal conductivity.  Additionally, it offers low temperature toughness, good clarity & gloss, stress crack resistance, hot melt adhesive properties, and UV resistance. EVA can be combined with aluminium hydroxide (ATH), ammonium polyphosphate (APP), and fluor phlogopite for better flame-resistant properties to enhances its compatibility in wire and cable applications.

Regional Insights

Europe flame retardant EVA market for wire & cable application is expected to witness significant growth for the forecast period 2019–2026.

Germany is expected to be leading in this market owing to a highly developed automobile industry and presence of significantly reknowned players in the automotive manufacturing sector. Flame retardant EVA wires and cables are expected to witness increasing use in the automotive sector owing to the increased fire safety regulations in the industry.

U.K. too is expected to witness significant growth in this market owing to a growing construction market which has high use of wires and cables application to provide electricity for various uses in building construction and use of wires in construction equipment. Italy is another economy which will foresee considerable growth owing to the dominance of electronic & electrical sector which consumes flame retardant wire to a significant extent.

France has been adopting solar energy and is witnessing growing investments in improving the annual energy-efficiency of buildings which is expected to propel the demand for EVA in the country. Vinyl acetate modified polyethylene is the most consumed EVA copolymer in France. Russia is another noteworthy economy which has considerable share in use of flame-retardant EVA for wire application. Russia’s electric & electronics and energy & power sectors together constituted approximately 57% of the market in 2018. Both the sectors are growth drivers for flame retardant EVA for wire application market.

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Europe Flame Retardant EVA for Wire & Cable Application Market?

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Segmental Insights

Construction sector is expected to be the highest growing segment in this market. This is owed to the rapidly progressing construction industry to address the various demands of population in this region. Additionally, growing building construction is also giving rise to consumption of construction equipment. Flame retardant EVA wires are used in this sector to lay down connections for electricity transmission and in construction equipment which uses wires and cables to transmit power to the instrument. Other segments which are expected to witness significant growth include the power & energy sector, automotive and electrical and electronics segment.

Europe Flame Retardant EVA Market for Wire & Cable Application Market Segmentation

By Product:

  • Vinyl acetate modified polyethylene
  • Thermoplastic ethylene vinyl acetate
  • Ethylene vinyl acetate rubber

By Type:

  • Very low-density ethylene vinyl acetate (VLEVA)
  • Low density ethylene vinyl acetate (LEVA)
  • Medium density ethylene vinyl acetate (MEVA)
  • High density ethylene vinyl acetate (HEVA)

By End-User:

  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Energy & power
  • Electronic & electrical
  • Others (Data Transmission and telecommunication)

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