Decreasing Life Span of Electronic Devices is Likely to Drive the E-waste Management Market During the Forecast Period 2019–2026

Mon, 06 May 2019 4:15

The electronic waste that intended to throw away such as computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones is e-waste (electronic waste).  There are proper methods to dispose of electronic items. They should be handled differently, but unfortunately, even the developed countries do not have strong policies to take care of such harmful, toxic garbage. To reduce the e-waste generated across the world, e-waste management initiatives are being taken by the government agencies of various regions. Market players are taking measures to recycle the e-waste in order to reduce the pollution and environmental hazards caused by it.

Segmental Insights

Global e-waste management market is segmented by types, source type, and application.

On the Basis of types, market is segmented into trashed and recycled. Majority of e-waste is trashed, mostly in developed countries rather than recycling or reusing.

On the basis of source type, market is segmented into household appliances, entertainment and consumer electronics, IT & telecommunications, and others. IT and telecommunications and consumer electronics, refrigerator sets from household appliances are discarded in highest number as compared to other appliances.

On the basis of application, market is segmented into disposal and recycle. The disposal segment is currently dominating in the market with the procedures, including landfilling, reusing, and incineration are used in the disposal of e-waste.

Regional Landscape

Geographically, the global e waste management market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America and the Middle East & Africa (LAMEA).

North America is expected to capture largest market share during the forecast period in e waste management market, owing to huge consumption of electronic products coupled with short life cycle of electronic product.

Europe is one of the prominent regions for the e-waste management market, due to stringent government regulation for e-waste management. In the Europe, the e-waste management is regulated uniformly by the WEEE to regulate the collection, recycling, and recovery of e-waste.

Asia Pacific is one of the fastest growing regions in the e-waste management market, owing to rising disposable income in developed and developing economies coupled with increasing espousal of electronic devices is one of the key growth stimulants for the market in the region.

In the LAMEA region, the recycle rate is considerably low. According to the EcoMENA. Org. merely 5% of e-waste is sent to recycling facilities, most of it gets shipped out to China, India and Southeast Asia. Therefore, there is significant amount of opportunities in the LAMEA region for the e-waste management market.

Competitive landscape

Some of the major key players in the e-waste management market are Enviro-Hub Holdings Ltd., Global Electric Electronic Processing Inc., MBA Polymers, Inc., Electronic Recyclers International, Inc., Aurubis AG, Boliden AB, Sims Metal Management Ltd., Umicore S.A., Waste Management, Inc., and Stena Technoworld AB.

The major strategies adopted by major key players in the e waste management are expansion, partnership and merger and acquisition. Also, companies in the market are largely investing in R&D to develop new solution for recycling of the e-waste.

Electronic Recyclers International, Inc. (ERI) announced partnership with CyberPolicy to Provide Cutting-Edge Electronic Recycling Solutions for Small Businesses. This partnership is expected to offer services to clients and positions the ITAD (IT asset deposition) company as the first recycling organization to offer a cyber insurance solution for its small business customers, while simultaneously managing the data destruction of discarded devices.

Waste Management, Inc. and Waste Services Inc. announced an acquisition of Anderson Rubbish Disposal and Moorpark Rubbish Disposal, which allows Waste Management to grow and expand further the existing operations.

E-Waste Management Market Segmentation

By Types

  • Trashed
  • Recycled

By Source

  • Household Appliances
  • Entertainment and Consumer Electronics
  • IT & Telecommunication
  • Others

By Application

  • Disposal
  • Recycle

By Region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America and the Middle East & Africa