Favourable Agricultural Policies to Drive Intelligent Irrigation System Market Growth, Driven by the Increasing Demand for Food from the Increasing Population, Globally

As per 2016 UN estimates, the global population is expected to reach 9.3 billion by 2050. Its combined impact with urbanization and the growing middle class is bound to generate high demand for sustainable food; the current food production will need to double by 2050 to meet the global demand. Smart and intelligent irrigation solutions in agriculture will prove instrumental in meeting these goals by optimizing agricultural practices.

With increasing advancements in sensor technologies, intelligent irrigation systems of the future are becoming more effective. Even in domestic end-uses such as gardens, parks, and schoolyards, intelligent irrigation has been witnessing increasing adoption. Intelligent irrigation has completely changed conventional farming’s dependence on monsoon conditions. Technologically-advanced products in the intelligent irrigation systems market have been leading to enhanced yields in agricultural produce. The forecast presented in the report suggests that the intelligent irrigation market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 14.5% during the forecast period.

Segmental Insight

The global intelligent irrigation system market has been segmented on the basis of type, component, and application.

On the basis of type, the market has been segmented into soil moisture-based irrigation systems and weather-based irrigation systems. The whether-based irrigation segment accounts for the largest share in the global intelligent irrigation system market.

On the basis of component, the intelligent irrigation system market has been segmented into controller systems, soil moisture sensors, rain/freeze sensors, flow management solutions, and others. The sensor based irrigation segment has been witnessing remarkable growth in the global intelligent irrigation system market.

On the basis of application, the intelligent irrigation system market has been segmented into agriculture and non-agriculture. The agricultural segment is expected to register healthy growth in the intelligent irrigation market during the forecast period.

Regional Insights

North America accounts for a prominent share in the intelligent irrigation market as of 2019. The U.S and Canada, with heavy investments in advanced agricultural technologies, are pegged to be the early adopters of these technologies.

Europe has been recording noteworthy growth in the global intelligent irrigation market, which can be attributed to the inadequate rainfall and water supply in the region. Essentially, market growth in Europe is driven by the increasing need for monitoring and controlling water.

Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing region in the intelligent irrigation system market. India and China have been witnessing growing penetration of the internet and smart devices, alongside the application of IoT in the agricultural field.

The Latin America and Middle East & Africa region is slated to account for the smallest market share; however, increasing climatic variations and droughts have been creating numerous opportunities for market growth in the region.

Competitive Analysis

Some of the major players in the market include Rain Bird Corporation (U.S.), Libelium (Spain), Netafim (Israel) HydroPoint (U.S.), The Toro Company (U.S.), AquaSpy (U.S.), Aquacell Systems (Australia), Baseline Inc. (U.S.), Hortau (U.S.), and Hunter Industries (U.S.).

Leading players in the industry are focusing on the Asia Pacific region to cater to the growing demand for smart irrigation solutions in the region. Players are significantly investing in the research and development of intelligent irrigation controller devices in order to expand their presence in the market.

For instance, in July 2018, HydraPoint Data System announced the launch of the WeatherTRAK LC+ irrigation controller, which delivers the power of cloud-based smart irrigation at an affordable price to the light commercial market.

Segmentation TOC

By Type

  • Soil Moisture-Based Irrigation Systems
  • Weather-Based Irrigation Systems

By Component

  • Controller Systems
  • Soil Moisture Sensors
  • Rain/Freeze Sensors
  • Flow Management Solutions
  • Others

By Application

  • Agriculture
  • Non-Agriculture

By Region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America and Middle East & Africa

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