Increase in Prevalence of Lymphoma to Escalate the Venetoclax Market Growth

Mon, 10 June 2019 7:26

Venetoclax is a tablet dose administered orally for treating chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) or small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL). Generic name of the drug is Venclexta and is patented in the U.S. by Abbvie Inc. Other companies including Roche, Tolero Pharmaceuticals, and others are trying to file the patent in other regions, including Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. Increasing prevalence of the lymphoma across the globe, high effectiveness of the drug,  and favorable government policies are projected to drive the global Venetoclax market growth during the forecast period 2019–2026.  

Annual cost for CLL treatment is likely to increase from USD 0.9 billion in 2011 to 3.5 billion in 2025 with the increasing prevalence and treatment cost.

Segmental Insights

The global Venetoclax market is segmented into applications, end user, and region.

By applications, the market is segmented into chronic lymphocytic leukemia and small lymphocytic lymphoma. The small lymphocytic lymphoma segment is anticipated to experience steady growth over the forecast period.

By end user, the market is segmented into hospitals/clinics, oncology centers, and others. Oncology centers are expected to experience high growth in the global Venetoclax market owing to the increasing number of oncology centers and rising preference of patient to these centers across the globe.

Regional Insights

In terms of region, the global Venetoclax market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America and the Middle East & Africa

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North America dominated the global Venetoclax market in 2018 and is expected continue the growth during the forecast period 2019–2026. Number of leukemia patients in the U.S. is rising at very high rate with the changing lifestyle and rising addiction to smoking and drinking.

Europe is expected to account for significant share, owing to increasing prevalence of lymphoma across Europe. AbbVie Inc filed a patent for venetoclax for Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).

Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing region in the Venetoclax market due to favorable government policies and drug approval process.

Latin America and the Middle East & Africa (LAMEA) is expected to account for least share of the global market owing to the poor healthcare infrastructure.

Key Player

Some of the key players in the global Venetoclax market are AbbVie Inc., F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, and Tolero Pharmaceuticals.

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