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Mass spectrometry market is expected to grow at a significant rate in the forecast period of 2019–2026. Mass spectrometry provides increased sensitivity over other analytical systems owing to superior specificity and lower background intrusion. Additionally, it can also identify existence of certain compounds and its molecular weights. It provides chemical data and data about isotopic abundance of elements in comparatively shorter time span.

Regional insights

Geographically, the global mass spectrometry market is segmented into four regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America and the Middle East & Africa (LAMEA).

North America is expected to dominate the mass spectrometry market. this is owed the region’s strong presence in chemical manufacturing and in access to superior technology. Additionally, there are many research institutes in the region, especially in USA, which are active in research in areas of healthcare and biotechnology. Europe too is expected to witness significant growth in this market. this is owed to the significantly higher exports of packaged medicaments from Europe. Mass spectrometry is used in the biotechnology and in healthcare sectors and the rise in these sectors in these regions is expected to have a positive impact on this market.

Asia Pacific too is expected to witness considerable growth in this market owing to setting up of stringent regulations in the food and beverage sector keeping in mind the growing population and rising health concerns by the consumption of food and beverages. LAMEA is expected to witness healthy growth in this market.


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Segmental insights

Mass spectrometry market is segmented on the basis of technology and application.

Based on technology it is segmented as hybrid mass spectrometry, single mass spectrometry and other mass spectrometry. Hybrid mass spectrometry is further sub-segmented into triple quadrapole, quadrapole and fourier transform mass spectrometry and single mass spectrometry is sub-segmented into ion trap, quadrapole, and time-of-flight. On the basis of application, it is segmented as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial chemistry, environmental testing, food & beverage testing, and other applications.

Mass Spectrometry Market Segmentation

By Technology:

  • Hybrid Mass Spectrometry
  • Triple Quadrapole
  • Quadrapole TOF
  • Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry
  • Single Mass Spectrometry
  • Ion Trap
  • Quadrapole
  • Time-of-Flight
  • Other Mass Spectrometry

By Application

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Environmental Testing
  • Food & Beverage Testing
  • Other Applications