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Video Editing Software Market: Information by Product Type (Enterprise Level, Cloud), Application (Commercial, Personal), and Region — Forecast till 2026

Market Snapshot
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North America
10.6 %
Key Players

Global Statistics Representing Video Editing Software Market Scenario

 Video editing is the process of manipulating the video by rearranging different shots and scenes to create a whole new output. Video editing software enables users to convert file formats, adjust brightness/contrast, rotate or crop footage, add sound or add transitions, cut segments (trimming), join clips, re-sequence clips, and other special effects. Reduction in price of editing software, increase in the use of online clouding editing software, increased sales of mobile devices are driving the growth of video editing software market.

Many companies offer video editing software at affordable price, so that individuals, smaller companies and production houses can buy it. Adobe SystemsApple, and Avid are already made available video editing software at reduced price in the market. Due to cost effective and unique features video editing software demand is increasing.

With increase in the disposable income, improved network connectivity and advancement in mobile devices technology around the world, use of mobile devices are increasing subsequently boosting the demand for video editing software market. vendors are providing video editing software on the mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Some software provides same options which is in desktop programs, while others are tailored to harness the power of shorter, more random clips in your camera roll.

The Global Video editing software market share is expected to grow at CAGR 10.6% over the forecast period 2019–2026.


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Furthermore, increased use of online cloud video editing software is propelling the growth of the market. Companies including Animoto, WeVideo, Shotclip, Loopster, and Forbidden Technologies offer editing software online. Companies have different payment policies for the software. Some vendors also provide cloud storage space at an additional cost.

Major trend in video editing software market is vendors in video editing software market focus on making software user friendly so that nonprofessional users can use it. The editing software demands highly efficient processors that help conducting effective and smooth workflow. This may hinder the adoption of the software among non-professional users with limited graphics support. Also increasing the incidences of piracy of video editing software expects to restrain the growth of market.

The growing desire for easy-to-use, cost-effective video editing software is driving up demand for video editing software. Video and audio editing software have become popular among video and audio editors because they can be used from any device and from any location. Cloud-based video editing software is also on the market, allowing professionals to upload and edit videos and files from anywhere. Professionals can often connect to various social and web accounts and share their recordings using cloud-based video editing technologies. Another important driver of the video editing software market is the availability of low-cost software solutions.

Market Segmentation

Global Video editing software industry is segmented into types and application.

On the basis of types, market is segmented into standard level, professional level, enterprise level, cloud, and others. Professional level video editing software is likely to hold the largest market share over the forecast period–2026. It allows the video editor to achieve a higher level of complexity including HDR support, multicam editing, FrameFlex, keyboard mapping, background rendering, real-time editing to make professional-level videos. Further, professional editing software also extensively being used in Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

On the basis of application, video editing software market is segmented into commercial, personal, and others. The commercial editing software application is projected to hold the largest market share, as video editing software is being extensively used for to create Hollywood-level movies, commercials, music videos and more. 

Regional Analysis

On the basis of geography, video editing software market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and LAMEA. 


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The video editing software market growth in North America has dealt with tightening demand and a rapidly changing technological landscape over the years. The evolution of advanced editing software has allowed clients to set up in-house post production teams that saves money and streamline the production process. However, in Canada, tax incentives and the depreciation of the Canadian dollar against the US dollar have encouraged U.S. video producers to bring post production business to Canada, colloquially known as "Hollywood North," as their budgets can go further in provinces that provide tax credits.

Adoption of the video editing industry in the distinct fields in Europe helps to increase the expansion of Video Editing Software market globally. Areas such as developing scripts; producing and editing videos and photos for different platforms, from short-form day-to-day content for social media platforms to long-form series; and sourcing and/or creating and inserting animations, graphics, special effects, music, sound effects and sound bites. Increasing demand for high quality audio components across industries especially in media & entertainment is driving the market. Video editing software offers benefit to European producers offering increased flexibility and diversity in the exploitation of their works. 

A lot of avenues have now been opened in the field of video editing in the media and entertainment industry in India. With Indian cinema and entertainment industry crossing all lines in terms of geographical boundaries, video editing software market has surely emerged as a lucrative option for Indian film industry. Professional editing software such as Adobe Premiere, final Cut Pro and Avid’s Media Composer are popular. Chinese market is become too saturated for video editing software market and companies are gradually turned to overseas emerging markets. For instance, the rivalry between Tik Tok and Kwai Go, two of the most popular short video platforms in China, is now occuring globally.

The Middle East has become the popular venue for the WWE in recent years with the news that a deal has been struck with Saudi Arabia's top sports authority for the sports entertainment company to hold shows in the country for the next 10 years. Therefore, there is considerable opportunities in the LAMEA region for the video editing software market.

Key Players

Some of the key players of video splicing software are Adobe, MAGIX, CyberLink, Corel, Apple, Sony, Avid, FXHOME, TechSmith Corp, Nero, Serif, and Wondershare.

Video Editing Software Market Segmentation

 By Product Type

  • Standard Level
  • Professional Level
  • Enterprise Level
  • Cloud
  • Others

By Application

  • Commercial
  • Personal
  • Other

 By Geography

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific

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In the last few years there have been numerous developments in the video editing software market with the involvement of artificial in intelligence and machine learning and the ways which both are being used in video editing software are constantly expanding.

A couple of year back in June 2017, Adobe researchers and Stanford have managed to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) program that partially automates the editing process, while still offering the user creative control over the end product.

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According to new report of straitsresearch, Video editing software market is expected to grow at CAGR 10.6% over the forecast period 2019–2026.
The Global Video Editing Software Market is segmented based on Type, Application, And Region.
The Video Editing Software Market is studied from 2016–2026.
Some of the key players of video editing software are Adobe, MAGIX, CyberLink, Corel, Apple, Sony, Avid, FXHOME, TechSmith Corp, Nero, Serif, and Wondershare.
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