Client Testimonials


"The customized data provided by Straits has been truly effective for our team and matched with our vision pretty well."

- [ Business Development Director of Automotive Industry ]

"Our team connected with Straits Research when we were really out of ideas and in genuine need of extra professional support. Must say, Straits has been spot on with their detailed and fruitful work."

- [Vice President of Technology]

"Through Straits, we have gotten some really insightful and deep information about the market. The facts actually amazed us and it was evident how hard it must have been to acquire that data. "

- [Strategy Advisor of Hospitality Industry]

"It seems promotional to say that we have got our sales risen quickly after using the data from their “Food Processing Market Report”, but yes it has pretty much been the case. "

- [Strategy Head - Food & Beverage based company]

"Straits team has been really helpful throughout the project. They always had some productive suggestions and was really fun coordinating with them."

- [Product Development Manager – Chemical Industry ]