Emerging Trend of Roof Gardens in the Developed Region to Propel the Demand for Irrigation Controllers

Wed, 23 September 2020 10:22

The demand for irrigation controllers is witnessing tremendous growth in the residential sector for its smart watering features. The urban agriculture and growing trend of rooftop gardens accelerate the demand for irrigation controllers. The incorporation of rooftop gardens on high-raised buildings and the use of irrigation controllers for maintaining the garden drives the market growth. The accurate watering with irrigation controllers helps in saving water and avoid leakages and weakening of the building roof. In Europe and the U.S., the roof gardens have been witnessing huge demand in the past few years, while the tropical nations such as Malaysia, Dubai, and Australia are showing signs of adoption.

Impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused a decline of around 4% in the global economy. The imposition of government lockdowns and social distancing norms worldwide has negatively impacted the production capacities and created disruptions in the global supply chain. The unavailability of raw-materials and shortage in the workforce has cast uncertainties for various industries. As the events surrounding coronavirus unfolds, the companies providing irrigation controllers are adopting necessary steps and practices to ensure the safety of employees and customers.

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The key players are manufacturing irrigation controllers to enable the consumers in the agriculture sector to maintain the supply of essential food and grains. Due to the effects of the virus, the key participants have reduced production levels in areas that are largely affected, further reducing the demand for irrigation controllers. The risks and challenges associated with the pandemic have negatively impacted the key player’s business while limiting the industry’s revenue potential.

Key Highlights

  • The irrigation controller market is expected to grow with a CAGR of xx% owing to the rising demand for smart technologies and global need to save water
  • The non-agricultural sector holds the highest market share during the forecast period backed by the numerous uses of irrigation controller systems in various applications
  • Asia-Pacific dominates the irrigation controller market owing to the strong agriculture sector in the emerging markets, such as India, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia

Key Players

  • Valmont Industries
  • Lindsay Corporation
  • The Toro Company
  • Hunter Industries
  • Rain Bird
  • HydroPoint Data Systems
  • Netafim Limited
  • Calsense
  • Glacon
  • Rachio
  • Weathermatic
  • Green IQ
  • Nelson Irrigation

Irrigation Controller Market: Segmentation

By Product Type

  • Smart Controllers
    • Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers
    • Soil Moisture-Based Controllers
  • Tap Timers
  • Basic Controllers

By Irrigation Type

  • Drip Irrigation
  • Sprinkler Irrigation

By Application

  • Agriculture
  • Non-Agriculture
    • Turfs
    • Sports Ground
    • Golf Course
    • Residential
  • Controlled Agriculture Lands

By Region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • South America
  • The Middle-East and Africa

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