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Eye Health Supplements Market

Eye Health Supplements Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Supplement Category (Carotenoids, Antioxidants, Omega-3 Fatty acids, Coenzyme Q10, Flavonoids), By Therapeutic Targets (Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Cataract, Dry Eye Syndrome, Inflammation), By Product Type (Tablets, Capsules, Powder, Softgels, Liquid), By End-User (Hospitals, Eye Care Clinics, Pharmacy) and By Region(North America, Europe, APAC, Middle East and Africa, LATAM) Forecasts, 2024-2032

Report Code: SRPH1258DR
Study Period 2020-2032 CAGR 6.1%
Historical Period 2020-2022 Forecast Period 2024-2032
Base Year 2023 Base Year Market Size USD XX Billion
Forecast Year 2032 Forecast Year Market Size USD XX Billion
Largest Market North America Fastest Growing Market Asia Pacific
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Market Overview

The eye health supplements market size was valued at USD 1200 million in 2019 and is expected to grow at 6.1 % CAGR during the forecast period.

The healthcare industry addresses services and products for a wide range of diseases and bodily abnormalities. The human eye is one such important body part towards which many products and services are dedicated. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 2.2 billion individuals worldwide in 2019 had vision impairment or blindness.

Eye health supplements are medications or supplements that are introduced for the purpose of maintaining healthy, improving vision, and enhancing functionality. Further, there are a number of supplements that target various functions and attributes regarding eye health. They are used to treat a variety of disorders, including cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma. Consumption of oral dietary products derived from different sources is the key method of enhancing vision health. 

Vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids are essential parts of eye health supplements that help in retaining eye health and ensuring a regular supply of essential minerals. Some of the other key components that are very often constituted in eye health supplements include minerals and biological components, such as zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B1, and vitamin C.

Market Dynamics

Rising Cases of Eye Health Issues and Vision Impairments

The global market for eye health supplements is growing at a rapid rate. The rising number of health issues and the growing awareness about the availability of various supplements drive market growth. As per the report published in BMC Ophthalmology, a survey was conducted in the South Asia region, where amongst all the 500 participants, about 92.8% were clinically diagnosed with eye diseases. Thus, the key players are investing significant capital and launching eye care supplements to address these issues, further driving the market growth.  

Technological Advancements and Innovations in the Field of Eye Health Supplements 

As per the WHO reports in 2019, out of 2.2 billion people that were diagnosed with vision impairment and blindness, early diagnostics and supplementations could have prevented about 1 billion (roughly 50%) of such cases. Further, the contemporary work culture for prolonged hours has surged the cases of eye irritations, dry eyes, eye fatigue, and myopia, further surging the demand for eye health supplements.  With the boost of e-commerce across most of the developed and developing countries, the availability of these products has become substantially easy.

Regional Analysis

Easy Availability of Eye Health Supplements North America Drives the Market Growth

North America holds the highest market share on account of the increasing prevalence of chronic eye disorders, such as AMD, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and dry eye syndrome, cataract, rapidly growing awareness about eye health and associated diseases, and easy availability of eye health supplements. Surging product launches by key players drive the regional market. For instance, in 2019, the U.S. Company, Bausch & Lomb Incorporated, launched Ocuvite Eye Performance vitamin supplements in the U.S.

APAC to Offer Lucrative Growth Opportunities to the Players in the Eye Health Supplements Market

In Asia-Pacific, the robust presence of a large number of local players that are offering affordable, innovative eye health supplements drives the market growth. The availability of cheap labor has surged the investments by international players, further providing an impetus to the market growth. Increasing eye health awareness due to the surging prevalence of eye-related disorders accelerates the market growth. For instance, as per the study published by the International Finance Corporation, China witnessed a 6.0% increase in impaired vision cases annually.

Report Scope

Report Metric Details
By Supplement Category
  1. Carotenoids
    1. Lutein
    2. Zeaxanthin
  2. Antioxidants
  3. Omega-3 Fatty acids
  4. Coenzyme Q10
  5. Flavonoids
By Therapeutic Targets
  1. Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
  2. Cataract
  3. Dry Eye Syndrome
  4. Inflammation
By Product Type
  1. Tablets
  2. Capsules
  3. Powder
  4. Softgels
  5. Liquid
By End-User
  1. Hospitals
  2. Eye Care Clinics
  3. Pharmacy
Company Profiles Biosyntrx Inc. (The U.S.) Nordic Naturals Inc. (The U.S.) Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (The U.S.) Healths Harmony LLC (The U.S) NUSAPURE (The U.S.) Vitabiotics Ltd. (U.K) Bausch Lomb Incorporated (The U.S.) zNatures Bounty Co. (The U.S.) Pfizer Inc.(The U.S.) Amway International(The U.S.) ZeaVision LLC(The U.S.) Kemin Industries, Inc.(The U.S.) EyeScience(The U.S.)
Geographies Covered
North America U.S. Canada
Europe U.K. Germany France Spain Italy Russia Nordic Benelux Rest of Europe
APAC China Korea Japan India Australia Taiwan South East Asia Rest of Asia-Pacific
Middle East and Africa UAE Turkey Saudi Arabia South Africa Egypt Nigeria Rest of MEA
LATAM Brazil Mexico Argentina Chile Colombia Rest of LATAM
Report Coverage Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, Environment & Regulatory Landscape and Trends
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Segmental Analysis

Carotenoid Segment Hold the Largest Market Share during the Forecast Period

Increasing awareness regarding the benefits of products composed of lutein and zeaxanthin drives the segment growth. The product can treat various eye disorders, including AMD, diabetic retinopathy, uveitis, and cataract. Moreover, the rising prevalence of eye disorders and the growing number of prescriptions for these supplements by ophthalmologists, clinicians, and researchers drive the market growth. 

However, the flavonoids segment is set to witness a significant growth rate over the forecast period, owing to the rising demand for flavonoids. Bilberry extract, one of the most common flavonoids in eye health supplements, is extensively used to relieve eye fatigue and aid various eye disorders. The adoption of flavonoids as eye health supplements is motivated by the growing availability of bilberry extract at affordable rates.

Tablets to Be the Most Commonly Adopted Means of Supplementation

The tablet segment dominates the market on account of the number of product variations offered by manufacturers. Tablets have a higher shelf life as compared to drops, lotions, and other product forms, further driving its demand among the end-users. In addition, tablets are comparatively cheaper than other forms and are widely accepted by patients of all age groups.

Market Size By Supplement Category

Market Size By Supplement Category
  • Carotenoids
  • Antioxidants
  • Omega-3 Fatty acids
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Flavonoids
  • Recent Developments

    • In August 2019, the Japan-based company, Nippon Flour Mills, entered the healthcare domain with the launch an eye and brain supplements made from lutein and zeaxanthin
    • In 2019, MNC Bausch & Lomb Incorporated launched PreserVision AREDS 2, an eye vitamin gel in the soft gel portfolio, for commercialization in the U.S.

    Top Key Players

    Eye Health Supplements Market Share of Key Players

    Eye Health Supplements Market Share of Key Players
    Biosyntrx Inc. (The U.S.) Nordic Naturals Inc. (The U.S.) Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (The U.S.) Healths Harmony LLC (The U.S) NUSAPURE (The U.S.) Vitabiotics Ltd. (U.K) Bausch Lomb Incorporated (The U.S.) zNatures Bounty Co. (The U.S.) Pfizer Inc.(The U.S.) Amway International(The U.S.) ZeaVision LLC(The U.S.) Kemin Industries, Inc.(The U.S.) EyeScience(The U.S.) Others

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is the estimated growth rate (CAGR) of the Eye Health Supplements Market?
    Eye Health Supplements Market size will grow at approx. CAGR of 6.1% during the forecast period.
    Some of the top prominent players in Eye Health Supplements Market are,Biosyntrx Inc. (The U.S.), Nordic Naturals Inc. (The U.S.), Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (The U.S.), Healths Harmony LLC (The U.S), NUSAPURE (The U.S.), Vitabiotics Ltd. (U.K), Bausch & Lomb Incorporated (The U.S.), zNature's Bounty Co. (The U.S.), Pfizer Inc.(The U.S.), Amway International(The U.S.),ZeaVision LLC(The U.S.), Kemin Industries, Inc.(The U.S.),EyeScience(The U.S.), etc.
    North America has been dominating the Eye Health Supplements Market, accounting for the largest share of the market.
    The region with the most rapid expansion in the Eye Health Supplements Market is Asia Pacific.
    The global Eye Health Supplements Market report is segmented as follows: By Supplement Category, By Therapeutic Targets, By Product Type, By End-User

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