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Germany and Switzerland Cable Connectors Market

Germany and Switzerland Cable Connectors Market: Information by Type(RCA Connector), Application (Consumers Electronics), Contract Type (Cable Mounts), and Region — Forecast till 2027

Germany and Switzerland Cable Connectors Market Size Set to Soar: 7.6% CAGR Forecast for the Coming Period Cable Connectors are electromechanical devices that are used to establish a network or circuit between the electric devices. Cable connec
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Market Overview

Germany and Switzerland Cable Connectors Market Size Set to Soar: 7.6% CAGR Forecast for the Coming Period

Cable Connectors are electromechanical devices that are used to establish a network or circuit between the electric devices. Cable connectors are often used for the transmission of audiovisual data, digital information transfer, and for the connection between sets of devices.

Cable Connectors help the cable assembly to operate more efficiently by effectively minimizing the power and data loss between the two terminals. The connectors also provide robust assembly and a much safer and secure way to establish a network connection.

Different types of cable connectors are widely used across numerous industry verticals. For instance, in the automotive industry connectors allowing higher bandwidth and low latency are used. Whereas, in the marine and oil and gas sector the connectors need to be robust in design and must be manufactured to withstand harsh environments. While in the healthcare and medical sector the cable connectors should help to maintain the data transfer with high precision and accuracy.


Report Scope

Report Metric Details
Base Year 2019
Study Period 2019-2027
Forecast Period 2023-2031
CAGR 7.6%
Report Coverage Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, Environment & Regulatory Landscape and Trends
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Market Dynamics

Eliminates Soldering Requirements and Provides Ease in Interchangeability

The use of connectors does not necessitate soldering to function and thus provides ease in the establishment of the connection. The soldering free connection also provides easy interchangeability of the defective connectors without damaging the cable or any other equipment in the assembly. Solder free joint also helps to improve electrical consistency and performance. The use of cable connectors paves the way for a secure medium of transmission and reduces interference and current loss

Additionally, the new type of connector provides an impressive speed of the data transfer and is cable of withstanding harsh environments. For instance, the data transmission using data cables ad connectors provides greater bandwidth for the transmission of the data (up to 1 Gigabyte). These improvements provide swift and rapid transfer of data highlighting the importance of connector assembly.

Robust Built Quality and Diversity in Application

Connectors are manufactured with the reliable built quality and are manufactured to perform effectively in the industrial and commercial environment. Due to robust manufacturing practices, the connectors also serve for a longer span and withstand dust, corrosion, water damage. Further, the connectors have applications for diverse industrial applications, which increases the areas of applications for the customers. The connectors can be attached to the audio systems, whereas plugs and jacks can be used in the electromobility solutions of the automotive vehicles. The ability to function in such different applications provides an advantage in identifying the broad range of target customer base.

These cable connectors can be mated and unmated anytime without the requirement of any external equipment and can be easily replaced. Lower installation time and easy techniques are expected to improve the implementation of cable connectors.

Regional Analysis

Based on the region, the Germany and Switzerland Cable Connectors market has been categorized by Germany and Switzerland.

Germany is projected to retain its position as a strong region in the global market. Whereas, Switzerland market is expected to develop at a remarkable rate in the global market.

Germany is projected to remain as a forerunner in the market of Europe and is estimated to cater to 80% of the market share, shared by Germany and Switzerland. An extensive manufacturing cluster for Automotive Vehicle manufacturing is anticipated to drive the market growth in Germany. The improved Hybrid and electronic mobility solutions, development of in-vehicle technologies, and the need for technologically advanced battery and charging solutions are propelling the demand for cable connectors in the automotive sector.

Due to the downfall in the economy of Germany, the cable connectors market also witnessed a considerable plunge. However, with the keen interest of manufacturers on the strategic technological up-gradation and an established structural base, the market of Germany is foreseen to progress at a steady pace in the market.

Market growth in Switzerland is mainly due to the strong presence and dominance of the market leaders in the country. It has a market share of approximately 30% in the cable connector market of Europe. Further, the company generates nearly 67.45 of overall Europe’s market revenue through operations in Switzerland. This scenario is encouraging the participation of prominent players in the market, thus elevating the opportunities for growth in the Switzerland market.

Also, many companies are entering into the market of Switzerland, thereby increasing the competition in the market. The development and infrastructural establishments by the manufacturers such as Fischer are expected to further create considerable traction for the cable connectors market.

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Segmental Analysis

The Development of E-mobility Solutions and Increasing Emphasis on Electric Powered Vehicles Augmenting the Sales in Automotive Applications

The automotive and transportation segment governs a dominant share in the market of Germany and Switzerland. Germany is known to be one of the biggest automotive manufacturing clusters across the globe and also has a commendable share in the sales of automotive vehicles. These opportunities in the automotive sector are expected to propel the market share of the automotive and transportation sector. Additionally, growing concerns towards electro-mobility and hybrid vehicles, the requirement of enhanced functionality, and trends of miniaturization of the electrical assemblies are also going to increase the market share of the automotive sector.

The sales of electric vehicles recorded high growth in the Europe region. Increasing manufacturing and subsequent sales of electric vehicles are expected to add up to the market share, providing a strong growth scenario for the market. Although, over the recent past, automotive manufacturing and sales witnessed a considerable decline, which will limit the growth of the market in the segment

The Plugs and Jacks segment is anticipated to hold a substantial share in the market due to the effective use of plugs and jacks across the various applications and variety of connectors. The use of digital data transmission through the cable and more integration of electromechanical devices across the applications to increase the prominence and use of plugs and Jacks. It also provides a more secured and safe mode of operations across the end-use industries. The use of plugs and Jacks is possible in harsh environments and diverse applications.

The development of better functioning plugs and jacks considering the specific requirements of the multiple industry verticals is anticipated to improve the sales of plugs and jacks as compared to the other connectors in the Germany and Switzerland Connector market.

Top Key Players of Germany and Switzerland Cable Connectors Market

According to our analysis, the market for cable connectors can be categorized as a perfectly competitive market. The competitive landscape for Germany and Switzerland cable connectors market impacts the competition landscape of the Europe region. Due to continuously increasing sales and widening of the target customer base, many companies are willing to venture into the market of Germany and Switzerland to increase their sales in the Europe region.

Germany is projected as the dominant region in the global market and accounts for 40% of the market share from the global market. Increasing presence and efforts to attract operating in different industry verticals by established market players across the country is the reason behind the increasing performance of the region. Although, with many regional manufacturers entering the market and manufacturing cost-effective solutions, an intense and fierce competition is expected in tier -1 manufacturers and tier 2 and tier 3 market players. Some of the small-scale manufacturers are aiming to manufacture products targeting a particular industry vertical, which is expected to bolster their sales for concerned industry verticals.

The level of fragmentation is anticipated to increase in the Switzerland region. Although with the extensive foothold of TE Connectivity on the market of Switzerland is expected to make the sales difficult for other players.

  1. TE Connectivity
  2. Amphenol
  3. Switchcraft
  4. Monacor
  5. ITT Cannon
  6. Neutrik AG
  7. Enova Connectors
  8. BDA connectivity GmbH
  9. WBT.de
  11. Hosiden

Germany and Switzerland Cable Connectors Market Segmentations

By Type

  • RCA Connector
  • XLR Connector
  • Speakon Connectors
  • Plugs and Jacks

By Application

  • Consumers Electronics
  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and Gas
  • Marine
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Healthcare

By Mounting Style

  • Cable Mounts
  • Chassis (Panel)
  • Flange Mount
  • Hybrid

By Countries

  • Germany
  • Switzerland

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