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Railway Signaling System Market

Railway Signaling System Market: Information by Technology (ATP A TP, CBTC, ETCS, and PTO), Application (Inside the Station, Outside the Station), and Region—Forecast till 2027

Published On : 04 Sep, 2021
Updated On : 22 Jun, 2022
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Market Snapshot

Base Year:
Study Period:
9.3 %
Fastest Growing Market:
North America
Largest Market:
Asia Pacific

Wireless Data Communication: New Trend in Railway Signaling System

In recent years an incredible number of signaling methodologies have been created to keep a protected distance between trains. This protected distance is controlled by the current train position, its speed contrasted with different trains in a similar region, the direction of motion, and so on. This worry about improving safety is shared by clients as well as by co-ordinations administrators and manufacturers.

Over a recent couple of years, a bunch of new wireless communication technology and pre-guidelines with high portability support, low dormancy, and high information rate has shown up. A portion of these advances incorporates DSRC – WAVE, 802.11p, 802.16, WiMAX, and MBWA, 802.20.

The Railway signaling system market is developing on the record of expanding urbanization, high segment development, expanding railway commuters, the rising popularity of IoT, data analytics, cloud computing, and other trendsetting innovations, advanced change is offering various services, for example, traffic correspondence and control, train activities. These days, the public authority has taken different drives to adequately control rail traffic, decrease gridlock, and embrace trend-setting innovations in the railroad signaling framework.

Additionally, the improvement in the rail network and other rail advancement projects together are fuelling the development of the rail route signaling framework. Also, the extension in the rail route business, expanding metros, and other rapid trains are pushing the development of the market. Unexpectedly, the high improvement cost, absence of experts to work the innovation system, and high maintenance cost are some of the factors having the potential to restrict the development of the market around the world.

Market Snapshot

The global railway signaling system market is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 9.3% during the forecasted period 2021–2027.


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Global Population Expansion and Urbanization is Propelling Market Growth

Worldwide population increment and urbanization on an exceptional scale are driving development in the railway signaling system market. By 2050, there will be approximately 9.8 billion individuals on the planet, which is as of now driving interest for proficient, creative, and clean versatility solutions. Today, nearly 54% of the worldwide population in urban communities. By 2022, this is relied upon to arrive at 66%, agreeing with the UN World Urbanization.

Europe and the USA are expected to have arrived at a considerably more significant level of urbanization by that point. By 2050 the vast majority will be living in or then again close to urban communities, a reality that affects the development of individuals and products, particularly in spaces of high blockage. The requirement for metropolitan mass travel arrangements will rise fundamentally in the coming years.

Throughout the world, rail lines are carrying 10 billion tons of cargo and 21 billion individuals every year. Interest for rail is dominating limit and foundation making bottlenecks and the proficiency of heritage frameworks. Traveler and cargo rail need to change to satisfy current needs in the space of, portability, manageability, and digitalization. These factors are influencing the advancement of railway infrastructure and driving the railway signaling market in the world.

Increasing Need for Interoperability the Market Growth

Productive global rail line transport depends to some extent on the undeniable degree of interoperability among the railroads. Interoperability of rail routes, in any case, is a wide idea and its execution requires the collaboration of numerous substances, enormous financial plans, and quite a while, it is vital for the included nations to characterize as unequivocally as conceivable the degree of interoperability they expect to accomplish, doubtlessly in a progressive methodology. Normally, the part nations would assume a significant part in accomplishing interoperability in railways by investments in railway structure, harmonizing regulatory system, streamlining the border crossing procedures.

In Europe, every government has embraced various frameworks, particulars, and norms for railway transport. This covers everything from part estimates, to follow widths, signaling systems, and IT norms. For the European Commission, a current key point is acknowledging interoperability, empowering, for instance, similarity and correspondence among IT and flagging frameworks just as cross-line trains. A significant advancement in planning to improve rail effectiveness is expanded interoperability and normalization. In Europe, huge advancement is being made.

COVID-19 Impact

COVID-19 has spread rapidly presenting some of the unpredictable challenges to railway projects around the world. Many of the metropolitan regions suffered obstacles in the urbanization process. Whereas at the same time challenges proposed by this pandemic to governance and regulatory authorities have highlighted the need for smooth public transport.

While few of the nations have brought about extreme misfortunes, some nations have occupied with total revamp of rail foundation and development of new tracks and cargo halls during the forced lockdown. The effect of COVID-19 has been extreme on market for 2020; be that as it may, the market is relied upon to rise back in 2021.

Segmental Analysis

Smart Utility Segment is Dominating the Market

Based on technology the market is segmented into automatic train protection, automatic train operation, communication-based train control, European train control system, positive train control. Rising interest in metropolitan transportation especially in rail route networks is expanding the interest for CBTC frameworks universally for proficient rail traffic the board.

The developing number of travelers and expanding contest among administrators, just as better standards of solace, are pushing rail line administrators to supplant or modernize their moving stock. Considering the higher utilization of existing framework flagging gear modernization is vital to improving organization security and limit.

CBTC innovation has been effectively being implemented for several applications. They range from certain executions with the short track, restricted quantities of trains, and few working modes, to complex overlays on existing rail line networks carrying more than 1,000,000 travelers every day and with more than 100 trains.

Regional Overview

Asia-Pacific Region is Projected to with Highest CAGR

Asia-Pacific region is anticipated to grow with a significant CAGR in the upcoming years. The prominent presence of emerging economies and developing countries like Japan, China, and India is influencing the regional market of railway signaling in the APAC region. Australia, Singapore, China, Korea, Hong Kong, and India are among the region's most promising economies, with each reportedly spending heavily on the rail technology revolution. These economies have great potential owing to rapid urbanization because of population, leaning demand towards time-efficient traveling, digitization, and increasing disposable income.


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Some of the major projects in the region include Brisbane–Melbourne High-Speed Railway Link, Australia costing USD 175 M, Tokyo–Nagoya Maglev line, Japan having a cost of USD 49,800 M, Dalian–Yantai Undersea Railway Tunnel, China with the cost of USD 42,395 M, Nagoya–Osaka Maglev Line, Japan costing USD 31,191 M, and Gwadar–Kashgar Railway Line, China with the value of USD 30,000 M.

China has the most railway coverage in the Asia-Pacific region in 2020, at around 86 thousand kilometers, compared to the other countries listed. India placed second, with little under 64 thousand kilometers of railway coverage in 2020.

Top five countries with highest railway coverage in Asia-Pacific during 2020


Competitive Landscape

The key players in the global smart city market consist of Siemens AG, Hitachi Ltd, Alsthom SA, China Railway Signal and Communication Co, Ltd, Ansaldo STS, Thales, Cisco Systems Inc., Bombardier Inc, GE among others.  The railway signaling industry is predominantly dominated by recognized players and strongholds in each region by regional giants.

Recent Developments

  • In April 2018, Ramball announced that they have acquired DEG Signal so that they can expand them in the rail industry. This acquisition will help the company to complete its cross rails station and strengthen its position in the market. This will create an opportunity for the company to serve better solutions to their clients worldwide.
  • In January 2018, Progress Rail announced that they have acquired ECM SpA. This acquisition will help the company to serve better services to its customers. This will also help the company to enhance its portfolio by using new technologies and which will create an opportunity for them to expand in the international market.


Railway Signaling System Market: Segmentation

By Technology

  • Automatic Train Protection (ATP) System
  • Automatic Train Operation (ATO) System
  • Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) System
  • European Train Control System (ETCS)
  • Positive Train Control (PTO) System

By Application

  • Inside the Station
  • Outside the Station

By Region

  • The Americas
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • South America
  • The Middle East and Africa

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Worldwide population increment and urbanization on an exceptional scale are the key factors expected to drive Railway Signaling System Market during the forecast period.
Siemens AG, Hitachi Ltd, Alsthom SA, China Railway Signal and Communication Co, Ltd, Ansaldo STS, Thales, Cisco Systems Inc., Bombardier Inc, GE are the top players in Railway Signaling System Market.
The global railway signaling system market is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 9.3% during the forecasted period 2021–2027.
Smart Utility Segment is expected to be the leading segment in Railway Signaling System Market during the forecast period.
The Asia Pacific is expected to hold the highest market share in Railway Signaling System Market.
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Key Companies Profiled/Vendors Siemens AG, Hitachi Ltd, Alsthom SA, China Railway Signal and Communication Co, Ltd, Ansaldo STS, Thales, Cisco Systems Inc., Bombardier Inc, GE among others.
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