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Sorting Machines Market

Sorting Machines Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By End Use (Mining, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Waste Recycling, Others), By Product (Weight/Gravity Sorter, Optical Sorter, Others) and By Region(North America, Europe, APAC, Middle East and Africa, LATAM) Forecasts, 2022-2030

Report Code: SRAP2753DR
Study Period 2018-2030 CAGR 6.07%
Historical Period 2018-2020 Forecast Period 2022-2030
Base Year 2021 Base Year Market Size USD 4.08 Billion
Forecast Year 2030 Forecast Year Market Size USD 6.93 Billion
Largest Market Europe Fastest Growing Market Asia-Pacific
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Market Overview

The global sorting machines market size was valued at USD 4.08 billion in 2021 and is predicted to reach at USD 6.93 billion by 2030, increasing at a CAGR of 6.07% from 2022 to 2030.

The process of organizing things in a certain order or gathering things that are alike is called sorting. Sorting machines are utilised to sort items according to various specified criteria. Sorting Machines are intended to make tasks less difficult. The techniques used by sorting machines can include optical sorting, sensor sorting, digital sorting, magnet sorting, and many others.

These pieces of equipment sort objects in an automated manner according to their colour, structural features, weights, size, chemical compositions, shape, and other characteristics. In the food sector, sorting machines are utilised for sorting and categorising fruits, vegetables, and empty bottles. In the pharmaceutical industry, sorting machines are utilised for sorting tablets or capsules by weights for quality control purposes. Sorting machines have applications in many different industries, including distributing, packaging, food production, mining, waste management, recycling, chemical manufacturing, and plastics manufacturing. Sorting machines also have a major application in the banking industry, where they are used to sort money.

Market Dynamics

Global Sorting Machines Market Drivers

Market Growth in The Food & Beverage Sector for Sorting Machines

The sorting machines market is predicted to grow in the food & beverage industry due to an increase in the requirement for automation in manufacturing applications throughout the forecast period. Automated machines are being purchased by food and beverage producers in order to increase productivity and improve product quality. Due to the grand initiation of industry 4.0, industries like pharmaceuticals, packaging, food and beverage, and eCommerce are seeing an increase in demand for automated machinery. Automated food sorting equipment integrated with sensors as well as cameras are being offered by manufacturers in response to this.

As a result of these advancements, the market is likely to rise in the approaching years. This development will be bolstered by a shift in customer choices and lifestyles, which are expected to fuel the consumption for packaged food products. Over the next several years, the market for optic food machineries is expected to rise, especially in the food and beverage production in emerging nations. This will drive the market growth for the global sorting machines market.

One Of the Most Prominent Current Trends Is the Rapid Growth of Technology

Sorting machines are becoming increasingly popular as a result of a significant trend in the industry: technological developments. The TOMRA 3C, a new optical sorting machine, will be presented in May 2020 by the TOMRA corporation. Depending on your needs, the TOMRA 3C can have two, three, or four 500mm wide chutes installed. Having several chutes allows for fast throughput, but it also allows for a great deal of flexibility. While it is possible to run four chutes in tandem to do the same duty and achieve extremely high throughput, chutes can also function independently from one another, for example, to dedicate one or two chutes to reverse sorting.

In addition, Sorting Machines are becoming more popular because of improved automation technologies that minimize operating, maintenance, and waste management costs. Sorting Machines may also considerably boost productivity, and as a result, the market for Sorting Machines is predicted to develop enormously throughout the forecast period.

Global Sorting Machines Market Restraints

The High Cost of Installation Will Act as A Brake on Market Expansion

However, the market for sorting machines is being held back by the fact that all such sorting machines are expensive pieces of equipment, and the fact that they have a number of additional parts increases the overall cost, making them quite pricey. Additionally, the existing installed base, which has a reasonable shelf life, will cause limited market growth over the forecast period, which will result in end users purchasing a relatively smaller number of new devices. This will cause the market to be saturated. Another factor that acts as a barrier to the expansion of the Sorting Machines market is the sluggish growth of the manufacturing sector in economically developed countries.

Global Sorting Machines Market Key Opportunities

Profitable Opportunities Will Be Provided Through Government Backing

Because of the tough regulations that governments around the world have put in place to help minimize waste, recycle, and ensure food safety, the market for Sorting Machines is expected to grow rapidly. The rising cost of labor and the increasing stringency of food safety and security standards across countries are expected to provide substantial potential opportunities for the sorting machine market.

For example, the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) declared in January 2019 that 27 new food quality criteria created in 2018 would be enforced. Packaging and food fortification are two of the most important rules to follow. As a result, these elements will serve as catalysts for worldwide industrial growth in the years to come. More sorting machines will be needed in the market as a result of the shifting focus of mining operations toward emerging economies. As a result of all of these factors, new growth opportunities in the global sorting machines market are expected.

Regional Analysis

The global sorting machines market is segmented by geography into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Latin America, and Middle East & Africa (MEA).

In 2021, Europe held the largest market share with the biggest revenue share, which was greater than 35% of the total. Because the customers in the region place a high priority on their health and well-being, there is a significant demand for processed and nutritional foods as well as items that have had value added to them. Sorting machines are frequently utilized in the food and nutraceutical industries, which is helpful for market growth because these companies strive to reduce the amount of time spent on both the production process and the delivery of their products.

Due to the existence of significant manufacturers in Germany, like Allgaier Werke, Sesotec, & STEINERT, the country is anticipated to demonstrate substantial growth in the local market throughout the course of the forecast period. According to the projection report, the expansion of the market will be boosted by the rising demand in Germany for high-quality food materials that can be delivered in shorter time frames.

As a result of businesses' emphasis on automating processes in an effort to raise both output and quality, the regional market in Asia and the Pacific is anticipated to experience the most rapid expansion over the course of the projection period. It is also projected that increasing digitalization in the end-use sections of the industry will generate a high demand for the product.

In order to reduce the amount of pollution that is produced and to preserve the quality of the environment, the governments of a number of nations in North American region are placing an emphasis on recycling and reusing that is created by a variety of businesses. Sorting machines are utilized extensively for the purpose of locating and discarding trash from production, which is helpful for recycling. Consequently, it is projected that the market expansion in North America would speed up during the duration of the forecast.

Report Scope

Report Metric Details
By End Use
  1. Mining
  2. Food & Beverage
  3. Pharmaceutical
  4. Waste Recycling
  5. Others
By Product
  1. Weight/Gravity Sorter
  2. Optical Sorter
  3. Others
Company Profiles Daewon GSE Bühler Sortex Concept Engineers Key Technology National Recovery Technologies GREEFA Raytec Vision BarcoVision Cimbria Allgaier Werke BT-Wolfgang Binder TOMRA Sesotec Satake Corporation CP Global
Geographies Covered
North America U.S. Canada
Europe U.K. Germany France Spain Italy Russia Nordic Benelux Rest of Europe
APAC China Korea Japan India Australia Taiwan South East Asia Rest of Asia-Pacific
Middle East and Africa UAE Turkey Saudi Arabia South Africa Egypt Nigeria Rest of MEA
LATAM Brazil Mexico Argentina Chile Colombia Rest of LATAM
Report Coverage Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, Environment & Regulatory Landscape and Trends
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Segmental Analysis

The global sorting machines market is divided into different segments according to the End Use, Product, and Region (Geography).

By End Use, the global market is segmented into Mining, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Waste Recycling, and Others. In 2021, the food and beverage industry held the dominant position in the market, with a sales revenue that was greater than 45%. These machines are used by food farmers, processors, and packers to sort a wide variety of fresh, whole items as well as processed foods in order to decrease food waste and maximize production. Because it is able to recognize and dispose of coffee beans that are not fully developed, there has been a substantial uptick in the amount of demand for this product within the coffee business. In the plastics business, many forms of resin are used to dispose of the numerous different kinds of plastics that are discarded. Sorting machines for resin are able to differentiate between a wide variety of resins, which include the PVC, PE, HDPE, as well as PLA. Because the discarded items are stored in bins, they are also helpful in the process of recycling. The favorable expansion of the industry can be attributed to these factors.

Due to the fact that these machineries are essential for sorting tablets as well as capsules by weights for quality control, the pharmaceuticals industry is predicted to develop at the quickest CAGR between the years 2022 and 2030. It is being utilized by a variety of pharmaceutical organizations due to the fact that it enhances both production and the quality of the products. In the mining sector, these machineries are used to sort commercial minerals & valuable metals from the rest of the ore. They are also utilized in a variety of other industries, including as the processing of tobacco, the nutraceutical industry, agriculture, and the logistics industry. They are accustomed to sorting different grains according to size and color due to their work in the farm industry.

By Product, the global market is segmented into Weight/Gravity Sorter, Optical Sorter, and Others. In 2021, the optical sorter segment was in the lead in the market, with a sales revenue that was greater than 60%. Optical sorters are used extensively in the food industry all over the world, with growing usage in the production of harvested foods such as fruits, veggies, nuts, as well as potatoes, where it is possible to achieve non-destructive, 100% audit in-line at total production volumes. This is one of the reasons why optical sorters are so popular. In addition, they find use in a variety of other industries, including as the pharmaceutical one, the processing of tobacco, and the recycling of garbage. They have uses in the industry that deals with recycling garbage, specifically in identifying and getting rid of waste from production, including cardboards, metals, drywall, and many other plastics.

It is anticipated that the weight/gravity sorter market will experience the highest CAGR between the years 2022 and 2030. The research and development departments of healthcare facilities, manufacturing departments, and the pharmaceutical sector all make extensive use of it. These sorters are utilized for the purpose of accurately measuring and weighing single tablets or capsules, as well as verifying a huge number of items in a short amount of time, hence reducing the amount of time spent on production. The tilt tray, the push tray, and the case sorter all fall under the "others" category. Objects can be unloaded in two dimensions and sent to either side of a tilt tray sorter using a sorter that has this capability. As the item is placed within the constraints of the tray, it offers a secure mode of transmission for automated sortation, which ultimately leads to an increase in demand for the product throughout the course of the anticipated period.

By Region or Geography, the global market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Latin America, and Middle East & Africa (MEA). In 2021, Europe will hold the greatest revenue share of nearly 35% of the worldwide market. Consumers in the region place a great priority on health and wellbeing, and as a result, processed and nutritional food including value-added products are popular. Over the projected period, the Asia Pacific market is anticipated to witness the fastest growth in the regional market due to the increasing focus on automation in the industry.

Market Size By End Use

Recent Developments

  • June 2022 - SORTEX H SpectraVision, a new optical sorter for wheat, oats, rye, grains, coffee, and pulses, has been introduced by Swiss Bühler Group. The solution, as per an official news released by the business on June 17th, uses brand-new MerlinAi sorting algorithms to take optical sorting to a new level in terms of convenience, performance, and product traceability.
  • May 2022 - TOMRA Recycling had recently introduced the next edition of their X-TRACT x-ray aluminium sorting machine, which included a brand-new design in addition to a number of modernised improvements. The X-ray transmission technology (XRT) developed by TOMRA makes use of metal recovery technology.

Top Key Players

Daewon GSE Bühler Sortex Concept Engineers Key Technology National Recovery Technologies GREEFA Raytec Vision BarcoVision Cimbria Allgaier Werke BT-Wolfgang Binder TOMRA Sesotec Satake Corporation CP Global Others

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the growth rate for the Global Market?
Sorting Machines Market size will grow at approx. CAGR of 6.07% during the forecast period.
Some of the top industry players in Global Market are, Daewon GSE, Bühler Sortex, Concept Engineers, Key Technology, National Recovery Technologies, GREEFA, Raytec Vision, BarcoVision, Cimbria, Allgaier Werke.
Europe has been dominating the Global Market, accounting for the largest share of the market.
The Asia-Pacific region has experienced the highest growth rate in the Sorting Machines Market.
The Global Market report is segmented as follows: By End Use, By Product

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