Financial Services & Insurance - Case Study 1

02 Sep, 2020 | Case Studies


One of the European clients from the banking sector approached us for the second time. The client’s area of focus was to get the insights of Factoring and MCA Lending Market for North America. The client wanted the market insight on regional growth prospects. The client was also interested in the competitive analysis of other players in the region.


We, at Straits Research, allow our clients to explore the complexity of the Financial Service and Insurance sector through continuous feedback via ad-hoc reports and offer market consulting services. The group of 8–10 senior analysts with planned goals and objectives defined provide premium quality market research insights and services to our clients. The financial service and insurance research entail various demographics, and the political, regulatory, and technological impact at the global, regional, and country-level.

Collating Data from Previous Reports on Associated Industries

We have already worked on the parent market and similar titles, so we reviewed our research database to glean the relevant data from related reports. Our team collected and sorted the relevant information for the Factoring and MCA Lending market. On top of that, recent secondary research was initiated to obtain the required data, which includes market drivers, restraints, opportunities, mergers and acquisitions and partnerships of market leaders, and the development of new FINTECH, among others.

Specific Data on the Factoring and MCA Lending

In line with the client requirement, through exhaustive primaries and secondary, we were able to provide the following data to the client. 2.png


Our report helped the client understand the presence of various market players in North America. Additionally, it gave the client insights about the differentiation of offered loan rates across the industry, helping to focus and include specific sectors in the focused area.

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