Mining, Minerals, and Metals - Case Study 1

22 Jul, 2020 | Case Studies


An upcoming player engaged in the production of lubricants sought insights into the lubricant sector's potential opportunities.


The company purchased a standard report; however, it wanted customization with regards to segments and a market study focusing on one region.

Combination of Secondary and Primary Research for Segmentation and the Study of Market Dynamics

We consulted with the client to better understand the requirements and desired segmentation. As a part of secondary research, our team studied scientific journals and research undertaken to develop lubricant products. In the next step, we conducted primary research, wherein decision-makers and industry observers were interviewed to validate data gathered in the previous step and identify the key trends shaping the market. This step also helped us assess the impact of the regional regulatory frameworks concerning the mining industry.


The report provided insight into the various authorities' mining policies and the strategies employed by other notable players in the regional market. Besides, the dynamics involved in designing the regulatory policies (environmental, political, geographical) were analyzed, which helped the client in managing its inventory accordingly.

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