Semiconductor and Electronics - Case Study 1

04 Aug, 2020 | Case Studies

Research Problem 1

One of the prominent suppliers in electronic components from Germany sought insights about the buzzer market with the data comprising significant players globally and country-level with a specific focus on Germany. The client was looking for thorough quantitative data analysis in terms of revenue (USD million), volume (Million Units), and price (USD/piece)

Business Solution

The problem was broken down into two parts of the study, the first part involved in identifying the global key players in the market, including their products, price trends, and regional scope. Further, the market scenario was studied extensively with a primary focus on some of the European countries. Extensive primary interviews were conducted to understand the entire value chain and cost data. The second part of the study took into account market dynamics factors and also the vital role of APAC in the market, along with its price structure and distributors’ chain. Combining the data gained from the study was evaluated and put forth against appropriate market models. Various statistical techniques such as regression and time series analysis were taken into consideration along with a compelling hypothesis, thereby picturing a clear market state.

Specific Data on the Buzzer Market

Solutions Offered



The report helped the client gain deep insights into the market (both region- and country-wise). The report also enlisted top distributors by countries operating in the market.

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