Kidney Stone Market to Reach USD 2463.6 Million by 2026 at a CAGR of 4.3%

Wed, 02 October 2019 10:57

Growing minimally invasive procedures and incidences of urolithiasis are the factors that drive the growth of the global kidney stones market.  Rise in geriatric population suffering from various chronic diseases and prescribed certain medications that may hamper kidney functioning. For example, Topiramate, a drug prescribe in treatment of migraine and seizures can increase the risk of kidney stones. Moreover, people suffering from vitamin D deficiency and calcium are prescribed with vitamin D and calcium supplements and prolonged use of these medications can also develop kidney stones amongst these people are increasing demand for diagnostic procedures such as abdominal MRI and computed tomography thereby, augmenting the industry growth. Furthermore, many public organizations are actively involved in undertaking various programs to raise level of awareness regarding kidney health amongst the population. World Health Organization, organized different awareness program for    increasing awareness of kidney health to reduce the impact and frequency of kidney diseases.

Ureteroscopy Segment is Expected to be Dominated the Global Kidney Stone Market

Ureteroscopy segment was valued at USD 421.5 million in 2017 and is expected to have substantial revenue size during the forecast period. Furthermore, it is most common procedure used for treatment of kidney stones in the ureter and is also the most effective treatment of kidney stones in lower half of the ureter. This method is an ideal choice for pregnant ladies, obese and patients with blood clotting disorder that increases its demand augmenting the segment growth. Furthermore, ureteroscopy allows the treatment of stones that cannot be seen on an x-ray is major factor for driving the market growth.

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Asia Pacific to Witness Significant growth in Kidney Stone Market by 2026

High presence of people suffering from hypertension and diabetes are two major causes of Kidney diseases. For instance, around 40–60% patient suffered from hypertension and diabetes was diagnosed with CKD in India. Furthermore, In India, over 100,000 per year are diagnosed with kidney disease. Moreover, in China, high prevalence of chronic infectious diseases due to rising prevalence of type 2 diabetes is influencing demand for kidney stone market. Furthermore, increasing proportion of elderly people is steadily rising worldwide, especially in low-income and middle-income countries, including China and Japan. Kidney stone are major dieses which occurs in elder population, rising elders population support the market growth.

Middle East Africa is expected to Show Sluggish Growth in Kidney Stone Market

High prevalence of chronic kidney diseases in Arab countries owing to different chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension. For instance, As per Global Kidney Health Atlas estimation, around 14.5 million people required treatment for kidney disease and around 5.4 million will have access to dialysis or kidney transplantation in Middle East Africa. Moreover, in Middle East countries rapid urbanization, and growing number of populations are exposed to numerous environmental toxins, high infectious disease burdens and increasing rates of non-communicable diseases is rising number of kidney disease, which is support the market growth.

Competitive Landscape

Some of the key players in the global kidney stone market are Boston Scientific Corporation, Convergent Laser Technologies, DirexGroup, Siemens Healthcare GmbH, C.R. Bard Inc, Cook Medical Inc, Dornier MedTech GmbH, Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corporation, Olympus Corporation, and Stryker Corporation.

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