Dental Equipment Market: Information by Product (Diagnostic Dental Equipment, Therapeutic Dental Equipment), End-User, and Region — Forecast till 2029

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Table Of Content

1          Introduction

1.1       Market Definition

1.2       Market Scope

2          Research Methodology

2.1       Primary Research

2.2       Research Methodology

2.3       Assumptions and Exclusions

2.4       Secondary Data Sources

3          Market Overview

3.1       Report Segmentation and Scope

3.2       Value Chain Analysis: Dental Equipment Market

3.3       Key Market Trends

3.3.1   Drivers

3.3.2   Restraints

3.3.3   Opportunities

3.4       Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

3.4.1   Bargaining Power of Suppliers

3.4.2   Bargaining Power of Buyers

3.4.3   Threat of Substitution

3.4.4   Threat of New Entrants

3.4.5   Competitive Rivalry

3.5       Market Share Analysis

3.6       Top Winning Strategies

3.7       Top Investment Pockets

3.8       Impact of COVID-19 on Dental Equipment Market Overview

4          Product Overview

4.1       Diagnostic

4.1.1   Market Size and Forecast (Value)

4.1.2   Dental Radiology Equipment Market, By Product            Market Size and Forecast (Value)            Extraoral         Market Size and Forecast (Value)         Panoramic X-Ray Units      Market Size and Forecast (Value)         Cephalometric X-Ray Units      Market Size and Forecast (Value)         Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Scanners      Market Size and Forecast (Value)            Intraoral         Market Size and Forecast (Value)         Photostimulable Phosphor (PSP) Systems      Market Size and Forecast (Value)         Digital Sensors      Market Size and Forecast (Value)         Hybrid Units      Market Size and Forecast (Value)

4.1.3   Dental Radiology Equipment Market, By Type            Market Size and Forecast (Value)         Analog         Market Size and Forecast (Value)         Digital         Market Size and Forecast (Value)

4.2       Therapeutic Dental Equipment

4.2.1   Market Size and Forecast (Value)

4.2.2   Dental Lasers            Market Size and Forecast (Value)            Soft Tissue Lasers         Market Size and Forecast (Value)            All-Tissue (Hard/Soft) Lasers         Market Size and Forecast (Value)

4.3       General Equipment

4.3.1   Market Size and Forecast (Value)

4.3.2   Casting Machines            Market Size and Forecast (Value)

4.3.3   Instrument Delivery Systems            Market Size and Forecast (Value)

4.3.4   Ceramic Furnaces            Market Size and Forecast (Value)

4.3.5   Others            Market Size and Forecast (Value)

5          End-User Overview

5.1       Introduction

5.2       Hospitals and Clinics

5.2.1   Market Size and Forecast (Value)

5.3       Dental Laboratories

5.3.1   Market Size and Forecast (Value)

5.4       Others

5.4.1   Market Size and Forecast (Value)

6          Region Overview

6.1      Introduction

6.1.1   Market Size and Forecast (Value)

6.2      Americas

6.2.1   North America            The U.S.         By Product         By End-User            Canada         By Product         By End-User

6.2.2   South America            By Product            By End-User

6.3      Europe

6.3.1   Market Size and Forecast (Value)

6.3.2   Western Europe            The U.K.         By Product         By End-User            Germany         By Product         By End-User            France         By Product         By End-User            Spain         By Product         By End-User            Italy         By Product         By End-User            The Rest of Western Europe         By Product         By End-User

6.3.3   Eastern Europe            By Product            By End-User

6.3.4   The Rest of Europe (ROE)            By Product            By End-User

6.4      Asia-Pacific

6.4.1   Market Size and Forecast (Value)            Japan         By Product         By End-User            China         By Product         By End-User            Australia         By Product         By End-User            India         By Product         By End-User            South Korea         By Product         By End-User            The Rest of Asia-Pacific (Ro APAC)         By Product         By End-User

6.5      The Middle East and Africa

6.5.1   The Middle East and Africa            By Product            By End-User

7          Company Profiles    

7.1      A-dec Inc. (US)

7.1.1   Company Overview

7.1.2   Financial Performance

7.1.3   Recent Developments

7.1.4   Product Portfolio

7.2      AMD LASERS (US)

7.2.1   Company Overview

7.2.2   Financial Performance

7.2.3   Recent Developments

7.2.4   Product Portfolio

7.3      Biolase, Inc. (US)

7.3.1   Company Overview

7.3.2   Financial Performance

7.3.3   Recent Developments

7.3.4   Product Portfolio

7.4      Carestream Health, Inc. (US)

7.4.1   Company Overview

7.4.2   Financial Performance

7.4.3   Recent Developments

7.4.4   Product Portfolio

7.5      Danaher Corporation (US)

7.5.1   Company Overview

7.5.2   Financial Performance

7.5.3   Recent Developments

7.5.4   Product Portfolio

7.6      IvoclarVivadent AG (Liechtenstein)

7.6.1   Company Overview

7.6.2   Financial Performance

7.6.3   Recent Developments

7.6.4   Product Portfolio

7.7      Midmark Corporation (US)

7.7.1   Company Overview

7.7.2   Financial Performance

7.7.3   Recent Developments

7.7.4   Product Portfolio

7.8      Planmeca Group (Finland)

7.8.1   Company Overview

7.8.2   Financial Performance

7.8.3   Recent Developments

7.8.4   Product Portfolio

7.9      Dentsply Sirona (US)

7.9.1   Company Overview

7.9.2   Financial Performance

7.9.3   Recent Developments

7.9.4   Product Portfolio

7.10    3M (US)         

7.10.1 Company Overview

7.10.2 Financial Performance

7.10.3 Recent Developments

7.10.4 Product Portfolio

8          Conclusion and Recommendations

9          Acronyms and Abbreviations

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