81.15% of Chinese Smartphone Owners Go Cashless: PayPal Takes the Lead in Mobile Payments

15 Sep, 2023 | Statistics

Mobile payments have become increasingly popular worldwide due to the widespread use of mobile devices. As a result, non-transactions are experiencing unprecedented growth worldwide. Notably, certain countries have emerged as leaders in mobile payment adoption, while specific mobile payment apps are favored most among users in the United States.

Leading the global charge in mobile payments, China is at the forefront of mobile payment adoption, with a staggering 81.15 of smartphone owners using this technology. Denmark follows closely with 40.9%, and India with 37.65. The US stands at 295, while countries such as the Netherlands (19.7%), the UK (19.1), and Australia (18.8%) have lower adoption rates. 

In the US, several mobile payment apps have gained popularity. Topping the list is PayPal, a global leader in mobile payment services, with a 37% user base in the country. Venmo, a subsidiary of PayPal, takes the top spot as the most widely used mobile payment app in the US, with 15% of users. ApplePay and GooglePay tie for the third spot, each with a 12% user base. Lastly, SamsungPay, with around 6% of mobile payment users in the US, also has a notable presence. 

The upward trend of mobile payments is set to continue as smartphones become ubiquitous. With technology giants, financial institutions, and innovative startups entering the mobile payment market, consumers can expect a wider range of secure and user-friendly options.

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