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18 May, 2023 | Blogs

Banks rely on Core Banking Software (CBS) to facilitate their fundamental functions, including accepting deposits, making loans, and processing payments. CBS was developed to be a unified system that processes transactions in real time and centralizes data.

Customer account administration, transaction processing, loan management, deposit management, and payment processing are some of CBS's primary functions. Reporting and statement-making capabilities, as well as KYC (know your customer) data management, are included in CBS as well.

Typically, a bank will adopt Core banking software as a centralized system linked to numerous outposts. The system is adaptable and expandable to meet the changing demands of individual financial institutions.

CBS offers several advantages to financial institutions. Efficiency gains and monetary savings are two major upsides. Many repetitive tasks, such as paperwork and data input, are eliminated because of CBS's automation. The time and money saved as a consequence of this is considerable.

Market Stimulants

The market for core banking software has grown rapidly in recent years, with several factors contributing to this expansion.

Core banking software is a collection of programs and systems that help banks and other financial organizations run efficiently. Applications like client account administration, transaction processing, and report generation fall under this category. Online and mobile banking are only two of the many financial services made possible by core banking software.

The market for core banking software has benefited from the rising demand for Internet banking. Customers increasingly gravitate toward online and mobile banking due to its accessibility and ease. Core banking software is becoming more in demand due to its critical role in enabling banks to provide these digital services. Core banking software is an integral aspect of the digital banking features banks invest heavily in to give their customers a more simplified banking experience.

The increasing need for efficient operations drives growth in the core banking software industry. There is increasing demand for financial institutions to boost productivity and profitability while decreasing operational expenses. By using core banking software, financial institutions may streamline their operations, eliminate room for human mistakes, and boost productivity. Banks may acquire a competitive edge in the market by simplifying their processes and providing their clients with speedier and more efficient services.

The rising need for individualized financial services is also bolstering the market for core banking software. Customers now expect their banks to provide individualized attention, and core banking systems enable financial institutions to do just that. Core banking software allows banks to analyze customer information to enhance their services. Financial organizations might benefit from happier and more loyal clients as a result of this.

Top market players

  1. Capgemini

    Capgemini, a worldwide consulting and technology services firm, provides various options for updating and transforming financial institutions' entire banking systems. The firm is well-established in the core banking software sector and offers comprehensive support to financial institutions seeking to replace their aging infrastructure.

    Capgemini's core banking software solutions aim to reduce operational costs, boost customer satisfaction, and boost financial institutions' earnings. The firm provides various services, such as advice on software strategy and selection, installation, and ongoing maintenance. Core banking software solutions from Capgemini are developed on market-leading technologies and platforms, including SAP, Oracle, and Temenos. Capgemini's extensive background in the industry makes it a formidable competitor in the core banking software sector. A group of banking specialists works for the organization, and they are well-versed in the challenges that financial institutions face when trying to update their basic banking systems for the current day. Capgemini's experts collaborate closely with financial institutions to pinpoint their problems and provide unique solutions.
  2. Finastra

    Finastra is an international leader in financial technology that develops custom software for the banking and securities industries. Some of the offerings include core banking software, treasury and capital markets software, digital banking solutions, and more. Finastra offers a product called Fusion Banking, a core banking software solution.

    Recent News:

    Finastra, a provider of financial software applications and marketplaces, and Luxoft, a DXC Technology company, have entered a new managed services partnership agreement to aid Finastra's Kondor customers in the EMEA region transition to the cloud. (2023)
  3. Fiserv Inc

    The core banking software industry also includes significant firms like FIS (Fidelity National Information Services), and Fiserv Inc.FIS is a worldwide leader in financial technology, serving as a trusted partner to merchants, banks, and other financial institutions. FIS Core Banking is a comprehensive banking software solution that can be used for retail, commercial, and private banking.

    Fiserv Inc. is another multinational financial technology firm that targets the banking and financial sectors with its software products. DNA is the company's basic banking software solution, providing access to various financial services. Many other companies provide equivalent services in the core banking software sector. There has been a recent uptick in financial institutions' initiatives to modernize their processes and provide cutting-edge goods and services online. Therefore, there is a rising need for core banking software solutions that aid financial institutions in streamlining their processes, cutting expenses, and providing superior service to their clientele.
  4. HCL Technology Limited

    HCL Technology
    Financial services are only one of several that HCL Technology Limited, a global IT services and consulting firm, serves. Core banking software, digital banking, and risk and compliance solutions are only some of the services provided by HCL's banking and financial services sector. Finnone is HCL's name for their main banking software product.
  5. Infosys Limited

    Infosys Limited
    Infosys Limited, headquartered in India, is a global IT service and consulting firm serving customers all over the globe. The company's Finacle solution is a virtual banking software platform that facilitates the provision of various banking services.
  6. Oracle Corporation

    Oracle Corporation is a multinational technology firm that serves various markets using software and hardware. Flexcube is Oracle's name for its basic banking software. It has full support for business, investment, and retail banking.
  7. Jack Henry Associates Inc

    Jack Henry Associates
    Financial institutions may rely on Jack Henry & Associates Inc., a technology and software services supplier. Silverlake is their core banking software product for regional banks and credit unions. The solution has several features and uses, including customer relationship management, loan and deposit processing, and more.

    There is a lot of competition in the core banking software sector since many companies provide similar services. On the other hand, Jack Henry & Associates Inc. is well known for the superiority of its solutions and services. Jack Henry & Associates Inc. stands to gain from the rising demand for core banking software solutions as banks seek to digitalize their operations and provide cutting-edge financial goods and services.
  8. Temenos Group

    The Temenos Group, with headquarters in Switzerland, develops and distributes banking software to institutions all over the globe. Its retail, corporate, and private banking businesses may benefit from Temenos Transact's comprehensive core banking software solution. The system is very adaptable and may be tailored to the requirements of various financial institutions.

    Temenos Group has earned a stellar reputation for developing cutting-edge, highly adaptable financial software for its customers. With locations in over 60 different nations, this corporation is international. More than 3,000 banks and credit unions across the globe rely on its software.
  9. Unisys

    Unisys is an American global information technology firm that serves several sectors, notably the financial industry, with software and consulting services. To aid financial institutions in their efforts to bring their entire banking systems and procedures up to date, Unisys provides a software solution known as Elevate.

    Elevate is a microservices-based, cloud-native platform that helps financial institutions provide their clients with a wide selection of goods and services. The system may be tailored to the unique requirements of individual banks while still providing full support for retail, business, and private banking activities.

    Unisys is recognized as a leading provider of cutting-edge and dependable banking software solutions. With locations in more than 40 countries, this corporation is international. Several banking organizations around the globe use its software products.

    There is a lot of competition in the core banking software sector since many companies provide similar services. The cloud-native and microservices-based design of Unisys' Elevate solution makes it stand out from the competition and makes it possible for banks to grow and develop more rapidly. The demand for core banking software solutions is anticipated to increase as more banks seek to digitalize their operations and provide their consumers with novel financial products and services. Unisys is positioned favorably to reap the benefits of this trend.

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