Biotechnology - Case Study 2

16 Jun, 2020 | Case Studies


A clinical-stage biotech had three products in the pipeline in the area of oncology. The company offered an IPO in 2018, and the expected commercialization for one of its molecules is in 2022. The company's objective is to become a standalone commercial biopharmaceutical player. The client was interested in understanding the market dynamic and market competition to help evaluate its market position.


Straits Research conducted primary and secondary research tofind the right business solution.

  · Exhaustive secondary research to understand the client's clinical pipeline

Our research team conducted primary and secondary research to technically understand the profiles of the molecules in the client's clinical pipeline. It was found that one of the moleculesis in the late clinical stage and undergoing a final review at the regulatory body. Based on its clinical trial data, an expected year of commercialization was projected and validated with the client company.

  · Comparative analysis

Our research team analyzed established biotech market players that evolved from clinical-stage companies to understand their growth strategies, operational strategies, and business models and develop a suggestive matrix for the client, encompassing business models and operational strategies. The research teams at Straits Research also analyzed go-to market strategies to help strategize initiatives for the client.

  · Competitive ranking

Along with the strategies, Straits Research also provided a competitive landscape of the market. To determine the competitive landscape, established market players were thoroughly analyzed to understand the company overview, financial position, product portfolio, geographic reach, and strategic initiatives. Based on these parameters, our research team developed a competition matrixto help the client understand theextremely competitive market environment.

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