Engineered Products and Infrastructure - Case Study 1

31 Jan, 2023 | Case Studies

Research Problem 1

One of the clients from the automotive company approached us to gain insights about electric vehicle charging stations. The client’s requirements included a market study with a primary focus on the companies operating in the market and their technology landscape and revenue forecast for the next ten years.

Business Solution

Our report provided qualitative and quantitative analysis of the market, considering the client’s interest. The quantitative analysis was based on the market forecasts after the expected year of the commercialization. Extensive competitive analysis was done based on the company profiles with a comprehensive review of the company overview and product portfolio. Analysis of the role of prominent countries within the market and their investments, regulatory measures, and technology, were also done.

Core Pointers Incorporated in the Market Study

Solutions Offered


Our report helped the client get deeper insights into various technologies available in the market and those under research. Additionally, the report also provided the client with ideas about the patent analysis, which helped forecast the effect these technologies would have on the market and its adoption rate.

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