Specialty Chemicals - Case Study 3

23 Jul, 2020 | Case Studies


A leading chemical equipment producer sought to expand its business area and acquire another company involved in manufacturing specialty chemicals. It wanted insights on the future growth prospects of the Global Alcohol-Based Disinfectant Market. The company also wanted information on the regional players and local competitors.


We provided the client with a comprehensive research report on the alcohol-based disinfectant market, considering the potential end-users and technological advancements. The report also included data on their local competitors, which involved a considerable amount of time for consulting as transparency and client confirmation is a crucial part of the process.

Preliminary Secondary Research

As a part of initial secondary research, we studied journals, online articles, and news pieces to gather data on the technical aspects of the market and collate a list of factors affecting the market. Our knowledge of technical data eventually helped the client in understanding consumer behavior. 

Primary Research

The secondary research data was validated by conducting interviews with industry experts, key market executives, observers, and technical engineers involved in product development. This step helped us understand technological advancements in the manufacturing process and regulatory policies, which would dictate the future course of the market.

Preparing Commentary

The commentary of the report included drafting qualitative data such as writing and explaining the technical aspects of the market, analyzing the various segments in the market, and preparing the competitive landscape. This also included explaining the trends and the micro and macro-economic factors that would affect the market during the forecast period.


The client was equipped with information regarding the relevant regulatory policies active in different regions. The company also had an idea of the suppliers and retailers involved in the value chain with significant insights into the local competitors in its region of operation. Effectively, the data provided in the report helped the client in deciding on expansion into new businesses. Further, the insights into regional players gave the client a better understanding of the domestic competitive landscape and strategies adopted by these players.

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