18-34 Year Olds Drive Indoor Golf Simulator Preference at 40%

15 Sep, 2023 | Statistics

In the realm of golf, players often find themselves grappling with a common frustration like the inability to indulge in their favorite sport as often as they desire. Whether it’s the constraints of time, bad weather conditions, or other factors, the accessibility to regular playtime on the green can prove to be quite challenging. However, there’s a modern solution that is steadily gaining popularity and captivating golf enthusiasts worldwide called golf simulators. These simulators offer an immersive and realistic golfing experience, allowing enthusiasts to play regardless of external factors. 

The Rise of Golf Simulators

The convenience they offer has sparked a significant increase in their adoption among golfers worldwide. In the year 2022, there was a remarkable 12% increase in the number of people engaged in golf-related activities, including playing golf on or off the course, following the sport on TV or online, reading about it, or listening to golf-related podcasts. This surge demonstrates the profound desire people have for golf, regardless of the limitations they face in pursuing it. When it comes to the preference of playing golf indoors versus outdoors, the divide is nearly equal. Surprisingly, 48% of golfers now prefer the convenience and versatility offered by golf simulators, while the remaining 52% still opt for the traditional experience of playing outdoors. When it comes to adopting golf simulators, South Korea emerges as the frontrunner, with an astounding 40% of golfers in the country utilizing these cutting-edge devices. This adoption rate significantly surpasses that of other nations, such as Japan at 25%, followed by the US at 20%, The UK (15%), Canada at 10%, and Australia at 5% embracing the modern ways to experience the sport. 

Significant market players and the zeal of the younger generation

Moving further into the demographics, it becomes evident that younger golfers are leading the charge in embracing golf simulators. Within the age group 18-34, about 40% of golfers who prefer playing golf opt for the simulated experience. Remarkably, this age group represents a significant 62% of all indoor golfing enthusiasts. The 35-44 age group follows closely behind, constituting 20% of golfers who prefer golf simulators. This indicates the potential for sustained growth in the golf simulator market. Furthermore, Foresight Sports, SkyTrak, and Garmin dominate the golf simulator market. Foresight Sports leads with a substantial 33% market share in the golf simulator industry, offering cutting-edge technology to golfers. SkyTrak follows closely behind, claiming 20% of the market share, providing players with an immersive golfing experience while Garmin secures 15%, offering a diverse range of options to golfers seeking virtual gameplay. 

The increasing adoption of golf simulators among players globally signals a paradigm shift in how golf is enjoyed and pursued. In a world where time constraints and unfavorable weather often impede golfers’ ability to play, these simulators offer an ideal solution to the time constraints, weather-related obstacles, and other limitations that hinder golf enthusiasts from playing as frequently as they desire. With their versatility, and ability to cater to the preferences of both seasoned players and newcomers, golf simulators have ushered in a new era of accessible and immersive golfing experiences.

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