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The World's Top 8 Companies in 2024 Based on Revenue

13 Mar, 2024 | Statistics

Within the ever-evolving sphere of international trade, a few chosen businesses are examples of unprecedented success, shaping industries and influencing economies. This piece will examine the top 8 multinational companies that are transforming not just industries but also the world economy.


Walmart is the biggest retailer in the world, bringing in $638.78 billion in revenue. The international company, which operates in 18 countries, has seamlessly combined physical and digital retail, coming in first for 11 consecutive years. Walmart's sales increased from $166.8 billion in 1999 to an astounding $638.78 billion in January 2024 because of its strategic omnichannel approach and dedication to consumer satisfaction.


With $574.78 billion in revenue, Amazon is not far behind in terms of transforming the retail industry. Amazon is well-known for its innovative, customer-focused strategy and operational excellence. Its 11.83% annual revenue growth over the previous year demonstrates its unmatched dominance. With 2.72 billion unique monthly visitors and over 310 million active users globally, Amazon significantly impacts the international economy.

Saudi Aramco

Since 1938, Saudi Aramco has been the largest oil producer in the world, bringing in $502.35 billion in revenue. With massive oilfields under its operation, including the world's biggest offshore and onshore fields, Aramco has unmatched strategic importance in the energy sector. With a $2.045 trillion market value, it ranks as the third most valuable firm in the world.


With $473.53 billion in revenue, Sinopec is an excellent representation of China's financial strength. Sinopec has significantly contributed to the nation's prosperity, as seen by its 21% increase in operational revenues. The business's financial success directly results from its commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway, led by Warren Buffett, boasts $439.33 billion in revenue. The company has grown by 20.68% over the previous year and has demonstrated success across a number of industries. Its 28.11% operating margin even more firmly establishes its position as an example of profitability.

Petro China

Petro China is a major player in the energy industry, with $435.30 billion in revenue. Its broad range of products and its reported 17.10% operating margin shows its flexibility and resilience in the ever-changing global market.


Apple, generating $385.70 billion in revenue, continues to be a leader in innovation. Apple continues to show its dominance in technology with 2 billion active devices and a profit margin of 28.36%.


With $371.62 billion in revenue, UnitedHealth focuses on healthcare and has increased its revenue from the previous year by 14.6%. The company's $1,080,540 revenue per employee ratio shows its dedication to enhancing well-being.

Operational efficiency and market dominance

Beyond the remarkable revenues, these companies show remarkable operational efficiency and growth. Between 2021 and 2023, Walmart's revenue per employee reached from $243,109 to $291,090. In December 2023, Amazon's income per employee was $357,453, showing the tech giant's ability to leverage its workforce effectively.

In addition to the financials, these companies' worldwide reach and commercial supremacy are extraordinary. With 10,500 locations in 18 countries and 255 million weekly visitors, Walmart is undoubtedly the biggest retailer in the world. These businesses continue to redefine success, impacting global economies and transforming industries.

These revenue leaders, whether through their energy, technology, or retail leadership, establish the way for a future where strategic vision and adaptation are crucial.

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