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22 Jul, 2020 | Case Studies


One of the leading advanced material companies in India was recently interested to learn more about the European carbon fiber market, especiallyconcerningend-use industries. The client also wanted to understand the potential opportunities (especially in India) in the market and the strategies adopted by leading players in the market


We provided information/data for industry-specific applications of carbon fiber, industry-wise price difference, and a market forecast for each end-user industry, focusing on the top eight countries in Europe. The study was conducted in several phases, which are briefly discussed below.

Secondary Research to Understand and Evaluate Client Requirements

We first analyzed the client's profile and learned that automotivewas the most significant consumer application of carbon fiber offered by their company. After a subsequent discussion with the client regarding the scope and flow of the report, the report focused on the automotive aspect and expansion strategies for end-use markets in Europe. Our team further extended the secondary research to weigh the consumption of carbon fiber by the end-use industry and study the market dynamics, including drivers, challenges/risks, and opportunities, to obtain a basic understanding of the market. 

Data Validation through Primary Research

Straits conducted a primary interview with industry experts and brokers across Europe and India to validate the inferences based on secondary data and estimatethe market size and further market trends. Based on the growth factors derived through secondary research, the CAGR was evaluated for each country in the scope of the report. Further, the growth of end-user industries in each country was analyzed along with detailed future growth perspectives.

Pricing Analysis

The grade and price of carbon fiber varyas per the end-use industry. Detailed pricing for each end-user industry was covered in the report to providean in-depth analysis regardingcurrent competition, margins, pricing strategies, and integrated marketing strategies.

Comparative Analysis: Automotive vs. Other End-Use Industries

The report was drafted considering all aspects of the qualitative research, expansion strategies of end-use industries, andcompetitive analysis. 

Market Estimates and Forecasts

The report included historical data for the duration of 2016–2018 along with forecasts for the period of 2019–2027 and a CAGR for each country and segment. It also included the revenue and consumption of carbon fiber for each end-use industry in Europe for the duration of 2016–2027.

The report also covered the India-Europe scenario, as requested by the client. Our team analyzed the progression of trade ties between the two regions giving, providing insights on the future course of this relationship and its effect on the carbon fiber market.

Straits Research USPs


The detailed analysis and market estimates and forecast provided in the report helped the client identify the most abundant and fastest-growing markets for carbon fiber in Europe. The client was also able to understand the market trends, growth factors, restraints, and competitive landscape, which provided them with a comprehensive outlook.

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