Advanced Materials - Casestudy 4

22 Jul, 2020 | Case Studies


One of the leading global consultancy firms approached Straits Research to gain market data on armor materials. Primarily, the client was interested in the market size by type, application, and region, along with recent investments and technological innovations.

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After discussions that helped us better understand our client's requirements, the report's scope was finalized. It was decided that a separate chapter on optimum location strategy would be included since the client's client was interested in establishing sales offices around the globe. The study was conducted in several phases, which are briefly discussed below.

Exhaustive Secondary to Gauge the Basic Market Dynamics

Our team conducted comprehensive secondary research to understand the underlying market trends, drivers, challenges/risks, opportunities, technology advancements, and competition intensity. Key players operating in the armor materials market were analyzed to study their armor material portfolio, business strategies, and patent analysis.

Data Validation through Extensive Primary Research

As primary research plays a vital role in the success of such consulting projects, our team allotted a more extensive timeline for primary research.We also connected with industry experts and knowledge brokers from all over the world to validatesecondary research findings. Paid primary interviews were also conducted to assess the optimum location for sales offices.

Market Estimations and Forecasts

We provided market estimates for each segment and sub-segment at acountry level, and the market revenue for each section and region was estimated between 2017 and 2029. Each region and segment was provided with a table write-up to support the forecast data, which helped the client prepare an exhaustive report for their client.

Based on exhaustive primary and secondary research, the team prepared a section with qualitative and quantitative information on the optimum location strategy. The research team identified potential locations for sales offices based on the shifting demand patterns, regulatory frameworks, customer concentration, raw material availability, and labor costs.

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The report on the global armor materials market helped the client understand market trends, growth factors, restraints, and competitive landscape, and present a detailed and organized report to their client.

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