Top 7 Animal Feed Producers

08 Jun, 2021 | Blogs

Top Animal Feed Producers

The US is the world's largest animal feed producer and exporter in 2021. According to Straits research, the top 10 largest animal feed manufacturers in the United States will continue to dominate the animal feed production globally. Straits Research has found that the size of the animal feed market was USD 72.6 billion in 2018 and will cross USD 83.5 billion in 2024 with a CAGR of 2.4% over the given forecast period.

Significant factors such as consumer awareness about animal feed products and outbursts of diseases contribute to the demand for animal feed and additives. Additionally, key market players are striving to manufacture better additives and animal feed products and bring them into the market. Stringent regulations about animal feed production are expected to hinder the market growth of animal feed additives industry.

The animal feed production is recorded to be the highest in the USA.  The Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER) reports that the animal feed industry in the United States contributes around USD 3 billion in the total US sales and provides over 944,000 jobs, making it one of the most significant economic contributors in the agricultural sector.

The top animal feed manufacturing states include Texas, California, Illinois, Ohio, and Iowa. These states have numerous animal feed mills, leading to the economic activity in each state, ranging from 149 animal feed mills in California and 679 in Texas. The animal feed produced in these 5 states accounts for more than 36.5% of the total animal feed sales in the country and across the world.

Top exports from the US

The USA is the world's largest animal feed exporter as well, exporting a considerable amount of animal food for the livestock industries across the globe. Straits Research has found that the USA exported animal feed worth of USD 2.8 billion to the global market in 2019. This massive amount represents 11% of the world's total animal feed exports in the world. Some other largest US animal feed product importers are Mexico, Canada, Japan, Indonesia, and China.

On a global scale, the rising demand for livestock and livestock products like dairy, eggs, and meat has driven the growth of animal feed production and exports among various leading animal feed companies worldwide. Today, the global animal feed product production is estimated to be around USD 1 billion annually. The world's top 100 animal feed companies are responsible for around 42% of the compound production volume every year. Being the world's largest animal feed market, the USA is also home to many of the world's leading animal feed producing companies. According to their annual production, Straits Research has curated a list of top 5 animal feed companies in 2021.

1. Cargill Inc

Production in 2019: 19.6 million metric tons

The US-based company is a privately-held multinational corporation headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Cargill Inc was founded in 1865, and today it is the largest privately held corporation in the USA when it comes to revenue. The company mainly deals with food, agriculture, financial and industrial products, and services. Cargill's animal feed nutrition segment houses over 20,000 employees working in 280 locations across 40 countries worldwide. Cargill Inc is leading the race with over 17.6 million metric tons of animal feed production annually.

2. Land O’Lakes

Production in 2019: 13.5 million metric tons

Land O’Lakes is one of America’s largest food and agribusiness companies. Founded in 1912, the company is a member-owned cooperative with industry-leading operations and is based in Minnesota. Land O’Lakes bags the second position when it comes to animal feed production in the USA. The animal nutrition division of the company generates a whopping USD 4 billion in revenue in 2018. Land O’Lakes is also the proud owner of their home-grown brand Mazuri, which produces animal feed products for zookeepers, breeders, veterinarians, and exotic pet owners for more than 50 countries.

3. Tyson Foods

Production in 2019: 10 million metric tons

Based in Springdale, Arkansas, Tyson Foods Inc. is one of the leading multination corporations in the USA that operates mainly in the food and agriculture industry. Tyson Foods owns more than 32 animal feed-producing mills, providing fodder for chicken, pig, and other cattle worldwide. The company's major animal feed sales markets include Central America, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, the European Union, Japan, the Middle East, South Korea, and Taiwan. 

4. Alltech

Production in 2019: 6.5 million metric tons

Headquartered in Nicholasville, Kentucky, Alltech is another top agri-business company based in the USA with core operations in animal feed, brewing, meat products, and distilling. Alltech deals in three main divisions: animal nutrition, crop science, animal health and food, and beverage. The company operates in 128 countries and employs more than 4,700 people worldwide. Alltech also runs around 77 production facilities and three bioscience centers across the world.

5. ADM Alliance Nutrition

Production in 2019: 3 million metric tons

ADM Nutrition offers a wide range of cutting-edge animal feed products, becoming one of the world's largest animal feed manufacturers. ADM is recognized as a global leader in amino acids and also offers top-quality animal feed products, premixes, supplements, custom ingredient blends, and specialty feed ingredients to support the growth of the animal feed sector and optimize animal health and nutrition goals.

6. Purdue Farms

Production in 2019: 2.5 million metric tons

The company is one of the largest producers in the food and agriculture sector, offering a wide range of organic chicken, turkey, and pork products to their loyal customers. Purdue supplies its products using retailers, food services, and around a million distributors worldwide. The company also produces and supplies vegetable oils, hulls, soybean meals, soy products for feed, animal food, and industrial applications, oils for food and other uses, protein products, organic fertilizers, and other grains.

7. D. Heiskell & Company

Production in 2019: 2.2 million metric tons

J.D. Heiskell & Co. is one of the oldest companies in the animal feed products sector. Founded in 1886, the 132-year-old company deals in grains and commodity trading and livestock feed manufacturing and trans-loading facilities in 9 western states. The company also exports products and commodities to Mexico, the Pacific Rim, and the Middle East. J.D. Heiskell is one of the largest producers of poultry feed, pig feed, and ruminant feed in the United States, with more than 2.2 million metric tons of animal feed produces annually. 

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