Energy and Power - Case Study 4

22 Jul, 2020 | Case Studies


A leading company in the U.S. renewable energy industry was interested in the top ten power generation technologies. The company also sought a detailed analysis of power generation by each technology, cost analysis, regulatory landscape, regional market estimates, an overview of the global power generation industry, and forecast along with YoY, and competitive landscape.


Exhaustive Secondary Research to Assess Market Trends

After a detailed discussion with the client, the ten power generation technologies were decided. The report was initiated with extensive secondary research to analyze the market dynamics, drivers, challenges/risk, opportunities, technology advancements, and competition intensity.

Collating Data from Previous Reports

Straits had previously prepared numerous reports on the power generation industry; however, this report was highly customized and comprised of a vast amount of data. Thus, our team developed separate reports on almost every technology mentioned in the report. The challenge was to extract limited data from each of those reports on ten technologies and present them in an organized approach. Almost 65% of the data was collected from the previous reports, and the remaining data were collected from primary and secondary research.  


Our report provided the client with insights on the various technologies available in the market, and those still under research. Additionally, it also included a patent analysis, which helped forecast the effect these technologies would have on the market. Market estimates and forecasts were provided for each technology at a regional level. The market size in terms of both revenue and capacity was included in the report for the period of 2015–2025.

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