Bulk Chemicals - Case Study 1

23 Jul, 2020 | Case Studies


One of the leading companies in the U.S.’s bulk chemicals market sought to expand its reach to Asia-Pacific, one of the fastest-growing regions. The company had a presence in China and was interested to learn more about the competitors, distributors, and country-level market at a regional level. Its prime focus was on the fungicides market in Southeast Asia's emerging economies, including Indonesia and Thailand.


Straits provided insightful data through extensive research and paid secondary sources. The report covered import-export analysis, revenue by competitors, leading distributors/importers/ exporters, the market size by each country, and country-specific current and future market trends. The study was conducted in several phases, which are briefly discussed below.

Thorough Secondary Research to Understand Market Dynamics

The scope of the report was finalized after the detailed discussion with the client. The study was limited to Asia-Pacific; however, the client was interested in more exclusive information on the fungicides market in the region.

Our team initiated the report with secondary research on the market and studied market dynamics, including drivers, challenges/risks, and opportunities. Additionally, our team provided a detailed study on the agricultural sector in Asia-Pacific using government sources and extensive secondary research to weigh the fungicides' consumption by each country in the region.   

Data Extraction through Primary Research

To validate the inferences based on secondary data and estimated the market size and trends, Straits conducted paid primary interviews with industry experts and knowledge brokers across Asia-Pacific. Later, the consumption of fungicides in Asia-Pacific and countries were validated along with CAGRs. Additionally, the growth of end-use industries in each country was analyzed with detailed future growth prospects.

Market Estimates and Forecasts

Market estimates and forecasts for each segment at a country level were provided from 2016 through 2027. The market size (both revenue and consumption) was derived using a top-down and bottom-up approach, and the market share of companies operating in the Asia-Pacific market. With this information, the client could identify the largest and fastest-growing fungicides markets in the region.  

Straits Research USPs


The report on Asia-Pacific’s fungicides market helped the client understand the market trends, growth factors, restraints, import-export overview, regulatory framework, country-level market estimates for each segment, and competitive landscape. Our report also addressed various micro- and macro-economic factors, which helped the company plan its entry strategies for different regional markets.

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