Bulk Chemicals - Case Study 3

23 Jul, 2020 | Case Studies


One of the world's largest consultancies was interested in gaining data on the fluorochemicals market with a focus on future growth prospects. Our team dedicatedly worked with the client on an acquisition/merger project regarding the fluorochemicals market.


The study was conducted in several phases, which are briefly discussed below.

Exhaustive Secondary Research to Understand Basic Market Dynamics

After deciding on the report scope, we assessed the market dynamics, including drivers, challenges/risk, opportunities, end-user industries, and competition intensity. We conducted exhaustive secondary research on companies operating in the fluorochemicals market to attain information on their distributors, suppliers, manufacturing technologies, and consumers. Our secondary research was further extended to analyze the country-level market trends, consumption, top players, and market size.

Data Collection and Validation through Extensive Primary Research

In the next step, we proceeded with primary research to collect data on the market size, top consumers of fluorochemicals, and the companies' ranking and market share. For primary research, the team connected with industry experts from different industries, including automotive and aerospace.

Additional Customization: A Separate Section on Competitive Landscape

Based on exhaustive primary and secondary research, our team prepared a separate section on the competitiveness of the market, comprising the detailed financial performance of the companies’ fluorochemicals revenue, sales, gross margin, return, and strategies. 

Market Estimates and Forecasts

The market estimates were derived using the data triangulation method, which includes a top-down and bottom-up approach and company market share analysis. The market size in terms of revenue and consumption, and each segment and region were estimated for 2017–2029. The data helped the client and their clients prepare strategies to initiate their project.


Our report helped the client evaluate the profitability of the venture based on the manufacturing locations and the supply chain. The report also helped them understand the market competitiveness, growth factors, restraints, and regulatory landscape.

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