Bulk Chemicals - Case Study 2

23 Jul, 2020 | Case Studies


One of the leading bulk chemical companies in Europe was interested in learning more about the adoption of ammonia as a refrigerant in the South American market.


The report was a challenge as English is not the native language of South America; however, Straits connected with its existing industry clients and experts in the region to gain insights regarding the current and future trends for the ammonia as a refrigerant market. The report focused on South American countries, and detailed market trends and market size and forecasts were provided to the client. The study was conducted in several phases, which are briefly discussed below.

Collating Data from Previous Reports and Existing Clients in Associated Industries

Straits has previously worked on similar reports, including ‘Global Refrigerants Market,’ ‘North America Natural Refrigerants Market,’ and ‘Global Industrial Refrigeration System Market.’ Our team reutilized the primary and secondary data collected while preparing these studies and connected with the existing clients active in similar markets for maximum data extraction.

We combined the secondary data with the primary data extracted from existing clients. We sorted all the necessary data required for this market, including country-level trends for industrial refrigeration systems, transcritical systems, refrigerant production/consumption, and government policies.

Analysis of Available Data and Extensive Primary and Secondary Research

We followed a streamlined data cleaning and sorting procedure before analyzing the data. Later, we conducted secondary and primary research to collect the remaining data and revalidate the previous data. Additionally, we analyzed the market dynamics, including drivers, challenges/risks, opportunities, and competitive trends.

Additional Customization: Data on the Industrial Refrigeration Contractors in South America
  • Top 30 Contractors in South America
  • End-Users of Industrial Refrigeration Systems
  • Units Sold by End-users and Contractors
  • Configuration of Sold Industrial Refrigeration Systems
  • Contract Pricing

The report included detailed information regarding market estimates and forecasts, pricing analysis, contractor profiling, and complete company profiles and helped the client gain critical insights about the market.

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