Consumer Products - Case Study 2

22 Jul, 2020 | Case Studies


One of the start-ups in the skin-care devices industry based in Europe sought information about the online sales of facial cleansing devices in the European market. 


Straits had already worked on similar reports and had insightful data on the retail of skin-care devices in Europe. The report was focused on the distribution channels for skin-care devices, comprising a detailed analysis of the distribution strategies adopted by the leading skin-care devices brands. The study was conducted in several phases, which are briefly discussed below.

Collating Data from Previous Reports on Associated Industries

Post discussions with the client, the scope of the report would include relevant data on distribution channels, products, and company profiles. Our team then collated all the data from similar reports on which Straits had already worked, sorted, and segregated it for the facial cleansing market.  

Inferences from Available Data and Extensive Primary Research

Comprehensive primary research was conducted with the help of a panel of industry experts and existing clients. Based on the data collected through secondary and primary research, the market size for each segment at a country level was estimated.

Customization: Additional Data on the Facial Cleansing Devices Market in Europe
  • Top 25 Dealers/Distributors in Europe
  • Online and Offline Retail Analysis
  • Units by Online and Offline Retail
  • Pricing Analysis of Facial Cleansing Devices

The client reorganized its marketing and sales strategies by allocating a substantial workforce for promoting online sales. Our data on internet penetration and e-commerce adaptability, combined with consumer behavior, helped the client adopt suitable advertising strategies. The report consisted of a detailed analysis of the data and information, market estimates and forecast, insights on retail sales, pricing analysis, and detailed company profiles.

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