Paper and Packaging - Case Study 2

22 Jul, 2020 | Case Studies


A raw material supplier for the paper and packaging industry sought information about the profitability of the market and the challenges involved.


Our team provided detailed analysis and insights after extensive primaries from various players and associations involved in the market. The report also contained a regulatory landscape and an updated geopolitical landscape to give an idea about the entry barriers and opportunities.  The study was conducted in several phases, which are briefly discussed below.

Exhaustive Secondary Research to Study Market Dynamics

In secondary research, we studied online news pieces, journals, and trade statistics to identify the segmentation most apt for the client. Subsequently, the segmentation was finalized, and the companies were discussed with the client and added to the competitive landscape section of the report.

Primary Research to Identify Trends and Explore Potential End-Users

Our team interviewed key industry experts, knowledge brokers, market observers, and policymakers to validate the data extracted in the previous step and understand the technological advancements shaping the raw material demand.

Preparing Estimation and Forecast Charts along with Qualitative Data

We obtained information from a series of primary interviews. Later, we conducted secondary research to attain historic market numbers and estimations based on company annual reports and production and consumption data. The qualitative data on market segments provided the client with considerable insights into the geopolitical, regulatory, and technological factors affecting the market.  


With the help of insights provided in the report, the client was able to chalk a business plan and formulate a strategy to move forward. The report was customized, and the profiles of select players involved in the manufacturing of paper and packaging products were also included.

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