Top 10 Vegan Food Companies In The world In 2020

01 Feb, 2023 | Blogs

Plant-based eating has been around for more than 40 years, but it is genuinely becoming mainstream now. Adapting to changing lifestyles, consumers today are paying more heed to the food choices they make. More than ever before, consumers are looking for nourishing and sustainable products(vegan food).

Research indicates that more and more consumers are choosing plant-based alternatives irrespective of the label they want to put on their diets. Whether they are interested in dairy products, vegan alternatives, dessert, or even gelatin, there is a product for everybody's needs. While the prevalence of animal-free products may not be new, there are several exciting developments in the spectrum that are changing the face of the food industry, not only in terms of the result and sales, also in terms of how these delicious alternatives are made.

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Below is a list of top most innovative and popular plant-based food producers:

1. Archer Daniel's Midland Company:

For more than a century, Archer Daniel's Midland Company has transformed crops into products that serve the changing demands of the consumers. Today, the company is one of the world's largest agricultural processors and food ingredient providers.

Aiding to the global demand for plant-based alternatives, the company developed vegan alternatives replicating popular meat dishes such as chicken nuggets and pulled pork. Their deep consumer understanding and extensive research on plant-based proteins, flavoring, and applications make them the leading manufacturer to get to the market quickly with modern solutions.

2. Amy's Kitchen Inc:

Amy's kitchen is a privately-held, family-owned company that produces organic convenience and frozen foods. All the 250+ products manufactured by Amy's are vegetarian and made with organic ingredients, along with a range of 130 gluten-free products. The company ensures that these products contain less than 20 ppm of gluten, which is considered gluten-free as per the FDA definition.

3. Beyond Meat:

Out of all the products sold by Beyond Meat, they are Beyond Burger is considered to be the best "plant-based burger 5.0" as it looks, cooks and tastes like a fresh beef burger. The Beyond Burger is sold alongside beef in grocery stores, but it uses peas as its primary protein source and gets its succulent texture and juiciness from a blend of canola, coconut, and sunflower oils.

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4. Daiya Foods Inc:

The company was started with the idea of creating delicious dairy-free alternatives made entirely from plants. Daiya Foods is famous for its Cheddar Style and Mozzarella Style Shreds that came out in 2009, changing the plant-based dairy innovation forever. The amazing R&D team has created over 30 great-tasting plant-based alternatives to dairy.

5. Plamil Foods Ltd:

The British food giant passionately believes in producing food that is made with 100 percent vegetarian ingredients. The company believes that consumers should be able to enjoy food, knowing that care has been taken while in production, but also complete assurance about the purity of ingredients. The products are made to the highest Vegan standards and are SALSA certified. Their most popular product is the Plamil So Free chocolate, which is almost a "guilt-free indulgence" with no added sugar and dairy, replicating the delicious taste of regular chocolate.

6. Tofutti Brands, Inc:

The company produces and sells soy-based, dairy-free frozen desserts and other products throughout the United States of America and in more than ten countries, including England, Japan, and Israel. The company explicitly makes products for lactose-intolerant consumers, as well as observant Jews who don't prefer consuming meat and dairy at the same meal.

The company's vast product portfolio includes hard-packs and soft-serve Tofutti plant-based ice cream and sugar-free Tofutti, a variety of frozen sandwiches. Other novelties such as Tofutti Cuties and Tofutti Monkey Bars, soy-based items like Better Than Cream Cheese, imitation sour cream, soy nuts, cookies, candy bars, and frozen pizza. Tofutti also markets Egg Watchers, a whole-egg replacement product.

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7. Danone SA:

Danone is a household name around the world, particularly famous for its dairy products. In 2018, The French multinational corporation sold products in 120+ markets, and 2019 saw plenty of launches, including their Unsweetened or No Added Sugar ranges.

Additionally, the company has entered the market with plant-based Skyr Style and Greek Yoghurt alternatives. Danone has also launched a strategic range of plant-based Iced Coffees, to be enjoyed by both coffee-addicts and regular everyday coffee drinkers. The company plans to launch healthy and yummy plant-based icecreams in 2021.

8. Vbites Food Ltd:

Vbites Foods produces 140 plant-based meat alternatives and retails in 24c countries worldwide. The company manufactures its products in the UK. The company made headlines when they introduced Cheezly- a selection of cheese equivalents, and since 2017 Domino's Pizza has been using it for their vegan options.

9. Vitasoy International Holdings Ltd.

Vitasoy is a Hong Kong-based beverage company that hosts a brand of beverages and desserts named Vita. The products are centered on high-protein soy-based drinks, and over the years, they have expanded the product portfolio to a wider variety of beverages such as milk, tea, soft drinks, and tofu.

10. Eden Foods, Inc:

Eden Foods is an organic food company best known for its EdenSoy range of organic soy milk, and a line of Japanese foods and condiments. The company is one of the oldest organic food producers in the United States and the largest supplier of organic dry grocery products.

Eden Foods was founded as a non-profit in 1969 and became a for-profit in 1970. Since then, the company started importing Japanese foods like miso and soy sauce for both commercial and retail markets. Most of the products sold by the company are organic, certified kosher, and vegan, except for katsuo (Japanese dried fish flakes). Eden's organic foods are also gluten-free and have been recommended for those on a gluten-free diet.


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