Automotive and Transportation - Case Study 3

04 Aug, 2020 | Case Studies


The concept of electric vehicles and associated markets is studied at a materialized stage; hence, several automotive companies are undertaking various approaches to understand the market better and figure out potential areas of investments. One of the leading automotive manufacturers, planning to invest in the electric brake boosters market, approached Straits for detailed insights on the market forecasts. The client sought a regulatory framework, regional prospects studied under consumer behavior parameters, consumer adaptability ratio, infrastructure, and pricing in terms of revenue and sales (million units).      


To serve the research objective and help the client make an informed investment decision, the study was conducted in several phases, briefly discussed below. 

Thorough Secondary Research to Understand Various Aspects of Market

At first, secondary research was conducted, taking into account political, economic, social, legal, and technological parameters to understand various aspects of the market. This stage of the study concluded with the derivation of drivers, opportunities, and challenges of the market. It also enabled us to understand and collect data not only on a global scale but also regional/country level. 

References from government journals and a thorough background study of competitive history were included to ensure the accuracy of the research mentioned above, thereby deriving significant regions of investments with flexible government regulations and the top five potential competitions to the investor in the market.

Data Extraction through Primary Research

The second stage involved primary research where several market players and automotive parts suppliers were contacted to understand their viewpoint toward the development of their market and also the production capacity, clientele, and product line. 

Market Estimates and Forecasts

The final stage — utilizing various market engineering approaches — derived market estimates and forecast for the electric utility.  


The report on the electric brake boosters market aided the client in understanding the market trends, including regulatory framework and regional analysis covering specifically the critical regions for investments, competitive analysis through growth drivers, and competitive intensity. Our report also addressed detailed market estimations and forecast till 2026.

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