Food & Beverage - Case Study 2

22 Jul, 2020 | Case Studies


A leading company in the food and beverage sector sought to understand its potential in emerging and mature markets.


The client wanted insights on the leading competitors and potential of the brewing equipment market around the globe. We conducted a detailed market assessment and provided market estimates and forecasts for every region and country. We also analyzed the different types of brewing equipment and its potential end-users. The study was conducted in different phases, which are briefly explained below.

Exhaustive Secondary Research to Study Market Dynamics

In secondary research, we analyzed the market drivers, restraints, potential opportunities, influential market trends, and consumer dynamics.

Primary Research to Identify Trends and Explore Potential End-User

Our primary interviews consisted of a panel of industry players and observers that have been closely monitoring every aspect of the market. The questionnaire prepared was different for consumers, producers, and market observers.

Categorizing of the Market Based on Operation, Brewery, and Equipment Type

Our team provided effective segmentation and categorization so that the client could weigh the important factors and eliminate the rest. The segmentation covered all the aspects of the market, including technology landscape, regulatory policies, and geopolitical developments. The technology landscape helped the client stay updated about the latest technological developments in terms of degree and ease of operation. The geopolitical scenario and growth provided the client with a basic idea about the trade sanctions and rise and fall in import tariffs.  

Pricing Analysis

The brewing equipment pricing was deduced based on the raw material, technology, and location of the plant. 


Our report helped the company to make an informed decision on the nature of the market and the profitability of their venture. In addition to this, the client knew about various economies' consumer behavior, which influences the demand for brewing equipment across end-users.

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